Infant Massage Training for Parents

Benefits of Infant Massage

Infant Massage has been found to be beneficial to both babies as well as to moms. A calm, quiet one-on-one time with your baby just before sleep time after his meal can result in better sleep patterns for him, which experts attribute towards better brain development. For moms too it provides a time of quiet bonding with your baby or infant. Research shows that parents who regularly indulge in this activity are less stressed during the often tough time of raising a newborn or infant. Even dads should take the time to be with their babies and gently massage while talking to them.

Infant Massage and Baby Massage have been found to be immensely beneficial to solve common problems such as:

  • Baby unable to sleep at night
  • Baby suffering from gas and colic problems
  • Baby getting stressed easily
  • Helps mothers overcome postpartum depression and anxiety
  • Helps in Baby’s Circulatory and Digestive systems
  • and much more……..

Tools and Techniques for Baby Massage

There are many ways in which you can massage your baby – for newborns this process can start a couple of days after birth provided moms are upto it. They can either have the baby lie down on a secure bed, or even be in “skin-to-skin” contact. Being skin-to-skin regulates baby’s temperature at a stable, comfortable level. Even dads can be skin-to-skin with their babies. It is important though to keep the ambient temperature not too hot or not too cold.

Many new parents write to us asking which type of oil to use. We are comfortable with the trusted favorite in our Indian homes – Coconut Oil. There is no need to use scented oils, in fact we advise to avoid scented oils because you don’t know what kinds of chemicals are used to introduce the scent. Coconut oil is also easy to absorb and is good for the skin. It is important to be gentle but firm in your massage strokes. The best indicator is to watch your baby’s reaction to your massage strokes.

Our Infant Massage training program teach parents A to Z of what parts of baby are best to massage, benefits, how to adjust massage techniques according to how your baby reacts, and how to select oils. Write to us using the form on the right for an appointment for Infant Massage training and costs.

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Infant Massage Training for Parents