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Lactation Support and Counseling

We offer individualized Lactation Support sessions for new mothers or for mothers who want to restart breastfeeding their babies

Most hospitals perform poorly in preparing new mothers for breastfeeding and newborn baby care. Our breastfeeding support sessions help mothers learn the correct techniques for breastfeeding their babies.

We have even successfully helped new mothers breastfeed infants who were born prematurely, even at 32 weeks. The techniques involve scientifically proven methods that help latching, and helping associate breastfeeding with a positive experience for babies.

Starting breastfeeding is an exercise which requires patience on the part of the mother, and her breastfeeding support providers. We never give up on your baby because it is the most natural thing for babies to do after they are born. Mother’s nipples are coated with substances which babies are very familiar with, while in the womb. This causes a natural reflex technique for babies to seek out mother’s breast to suckle, once they are born. A patient approach which is relaxed and one which allows the baby to try different methods to seek and latch on to mother’s breast will be most successful.

Many mothers are also forced to give formula immediately after their babies’ birth, partly due to carelessness of their hospital care providers, or due to pressure from their relatives. Hospital staff who tell mothers “you have no milk” are either plain ignorant or are misleading mothers. Mother’s breasts ALWAYS have milk after their babies are born – that is a irrefutable fact of nature. It requires dedicated and patient approach on part of care providers to teach mothers how to help their newborn latch on to their breasts and to breastfeed.

At the Sanctum, Natural Birth Center, we have a 100% Lactation support success rate. We have successfully helped mothers of twins breastfeed their babies. We have also helped pre-term babies, born as early as 32 weeks to breastfeed successfully, thereby starting them off with good immune systems in mothers milk. Many mothers who gave birth at other hospitals and who seek our help had been misled into giving formula to their babies immediately after they were born. Babies’ digestive systems are not built to handle formula milk, and not only lead to poor digestion but also lead to various stomach ailments and increase chances of allergic reactions in the newborn. We have helped many such mothers go back to breastfeeding their babies successfully.

Please visit the Healthy Mother Breastfeeding Support Network, an online and offline support group for expectant mothers and new mothers for answers on all breastfeeding and related questions.

Please fill out the form on the right or call us at 72071 68666 for an appointment and learn how we can help you with breastfeeding your baby. Our Lactation Support programs are ongoing and we would be happy to talk to you. We have helped numerous mothers who gave birth at other hospitals, but were not counseled on breastfeeding techniques or supported during their initial periods of trying to nurse their babies.

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