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specializes in providing wellness services for women right from their pre-pregnancy stage through their pregnancy, childbirth, to post pregnancy months and the years beyond. For most women, pregnancy can mean drastic changes in their body, and in many cases pregnancy and childbirth cause the body to undergo stress, fatigue and in few cases, trauma. Some of these changes can manifest themselves as follows:

Common Post Pregnancy problems

  • Diastesis Rectus
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Anal Incontinence
  • Perineal Pain
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Chronic Back Pain

1 in 3 women experience low back pain during pregnancy whilst 1 in 5 experience pelvic girdle pain. As your pregnancy progresses hormones such as Relaxin and Oestrogen are doing their job of relaxing the ligaments of the muscles supporting pelvis, so as to make the descent of the baby down the birth canal easy. In pregnancy there is  extra strain on these ligaments, which can cause pain. At Healthy Mother our trained Physiotherapists can identify such conditions and advise you on steps to take to alleviate them. Through a combination of easy but effective exercise, training on sleeping positions and postures, and diet, our Physiotherapists will help you overcome this problem and enjoy your pregnancy.

Common problems Beyond Pregnancy Years

Post pregnancy your body tries to come back to its previous condition before childbirth. This is a critical stage, where if you dont pay attention to physical and emotional wellness you can face serious issues later on in life. Pelvic Floor is the most important factor in a smooth transition from pre-pregnancy to post pregnancy state. Strengthening of the Pelvic Floor muscles is very important because a dysfunction can cause serious problems like Urinary or Bowel Urgency / Incontinence, pain, or discomfort in sexual intercourse later on.

Our specialist Physiotherapists excel in counseling mothers who may have the above symptoms and help them through a series of Individualized sessions as part of an exercise regime. We have had 100% success in helping new mothers overcome their problems.

Many of the above problems can continue well beyond the pregnancy years. In addition, for older women who are approaching menopause some of these problems will magnify themselves causing increased stress.

Some of the other non-pregnancy related problems we can help with are as follows:

  • Stretching, mobilizing and manipulative techniques
  • Neck/back disorders: Diagnosis, treatment and follow up
  • Hip & knee conditions: Diagnosis, treatment and follow up
  • Foot/ankle injuries, sprains/strains: Diagnosis, treatment and follow up
  • Sports & automobile injuries: Diagnosis, treatment and follow up
  • Shoulder pain: Diagnosis, treatment and follow up
  • Arthritis: Diagnosis, treatment and follow up
  • Vestibular disorders: Diagnosis, treatment and follow up
  • Neurological conditions: Diagnosis, treatment and follow up
  • Weight Control: Diagnosis, treatment and follow up
  • Rehabilitation for Urinary Incontinence
  • Rehabilitation for Special Needs

WellMom’s trained Physiotherapists have the skills and experience in caring for women who are facing problems like those mentioned above. Our Physiotherapists have the same level of commitment and passion that we bring to pregnant mothers and new mothers as our midwives at The Sanctum. Each of our customers is treated with care, respect and honesty when she seeks our help in her time of need.

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