How to soothe a crying baby

Your Newborn Baby

After months of waiting eagerly, through much “blood, sweat, tears and fears” your baby is finally here, in your arms. Now the real sense of reality hits you! Your baby is no longer a stuff of dreams…. she is a real person, absolutely, totally dependent on you for her needs and well being. This awesome responsibility is enough to rattle even the most self confident woman (and her partner).

So how to make sure you have the knowledge, tools and confidence to be there when your baby needs you, as well as how to make your interactions with your baby something to enjoy for both, and something to look forward to each and every day? With time, patience and guidance, caring for your baby will become second nature……

How to soothe a crying babyOne of the most frequent questions we at The Sanctum are asked is “How to soothe my crying baby?”

Until recently, conventional thinking in western cultures recommended that attending to crying baby immediately and picking her up as soon as she starts crying will make your baby a “spoilt brat” later on in life. Nothing can be farther than the truth. Very often your baby cries because she wants to bring something to your attention, or because she is uncomfortable. Reasons may be she has a wet diaper, she has gas which is troubling her, she is hungry, or is sleepy but not able to sleep and a host of other reasons.

Responding to your baby as soon as he starts crying conveys to him that his amma or appa is always there for him – giving him a sense of security and emotional well being. Talk to your baby – tell him that mummy or daddy is here and he does not need to worry. Attend to the reason for his discomfort. Change his diaper. Or feed him, if he is hungry. Maybe he just wants to be held and needs a “change of scenery” or wants to play with you. Try interacting, make faces, say silly things to him. You will be surprised he will respond !! Try different strategies if it is not so obvious why he is crying. You will be sure to hit bulls eye after trying out some combinations.

How to soothe your babyHowever, sometimes nothing will seem to work. You may get frustrated, be mad at yourself. And worse still, be mad at your baby. The latter is what YOU SHOULD AVOID AT ANY COST. Do not take it out on your baby and DO NOT SHAKE your baby in frustration. Your baby is innocent. It is NOT his fault. And you must understand it is NOT YOUR FAULT EITHER. If you see you falling into one of these situations, do not lose your temper. Put your baby in his bed, take a break for a few mins, take deep breaths and relax. Ask your husband , relative or friend to hold him. If none are available, ask your neighbor for help. This is not something you have to deal with alone. You will find people who are willing to help. Call your doctor. Contact us at Healthy Mother if all else fails.

Your baby and you are starting on a long journey together. So it is essential that both find comfort, trust, and a sense of well being with each other. You will find that as much as your baby finds comfort from you, many a time, you will find comfort from your baby for years to come.

Here’s wishing you the best of new motherhood!

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