Dr. Vijaya Krishnan

Delayed Cord Clamping

Many times, we have this conversation with parents during their antenatal check ups! Cord Blood Banking or not?

Our usual response – “You must weigh pros and cons, and decide if you want to give baby’s blood to baby, or give baby’s blood to the storage bag!”

Think about this – What would happen if you were to lose 1/3 of your blood suddenly? Would you be able to get up without breathlessness and dizziness, leave alone walk and perform other strenuous activities? And yet, routinely Careproviders clamp and cut the cord (to facilitate collection of stem cells) into a a bag. To reap as yet at best, unknown benefits. Meantime, baby is shy 1/3 of her blood volume, has 50% less blood cells (predisposing to infant anemia), decreased immunity due to lower volume of white blood cells, and finally hardly any stem cells! Nature had it smart, the cord was meant to be kept pulsing and not clamped and cut until the placenta was born!

Here is an article where veteran midwife has questioned the relative benefits of stem-cell harvesting from umbilical cord blood, saying growing evidence shows a natural, physiological birth gives a baby the best chances of future health.