Dr. Vijaya Krishnan

Autonomous Midwifery Care as best option for Mothers and Babies

This past week has been especially draining on us as Careproviders….

  • The number of stalled/slow labors for no apparent physical reason
  • the amount of time deconstructing fears from a first birth (mostly from previous Cesarean births, but also sometimes from intervened, medicalized vaginal births)
  • the enormous single-minded focus it takes for us as Care Providers, to refocus the woman on her body’s power & capabilities
  • knowing that so many of these Mothers have lacked getting much needed factual antenatal information, and even the opportunity to choose their own Care Provider, thus stripping their power to make good choices for themselves
  • and finally, the time, energy, patience and loving one-on-one care, spent on getting her to the other side, with her baby in her arms, despite all of the above…..

All this and more…

While it makes us feel good in that moment of birth, to have helped that woman have the birth that she wanted, it also makes us sit bolt upright and think about how our society is meeting mothers’ needs. What do Mothers want? What do Mothers need?

The simple authenticity of Autonomous Midwifery Care is what a Mother needs. This kind of Midwifery care gives the Mother information without coercion, ability to arrive both at Informed consent and Informed refusal, skills and intelligence to respect her pregnant body, while also giving her time, space, privacy, respect, and excellent continuity of care!

All Moms – listen up. Your body is amazing!! Trust in your body and the process. Choose a care provider whom you feel comfortable with, and who answers ALL your questions with the best possible clarity. Choose a place of birth where you feel safe. Choose a Birth Team who will honor your wishes. Educate yourself, understand your body, shy away from sensationalized media reports regarding birth, and attend independent childbirth education classes.

Understand that especially if you are a low-risk, first time Mom, your best chance of having a safe, empowering, natural birth increases by choosing Midwifery Care. And, that this in turn, can be the best foundation for wholesome, healthy reproductive processes for the rest of your lifetime!