The WellMom Lounge

wellmom-imgThe WellMom Lounge is a place where women can find source of physical and emotional wellness under the care of knowledgeable, empathetic care providers. Catering to women who are pregnant, those who have recently become new mothers as well as to moms with toddlers and beyond, The WellMom Lounge is a warm, embracing environment where women can find support, solidarity and the company of other women in similar situations

Here is what we offer at The WellMom Lounge
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Gain the physical, emotional and mental strength for your mind and body to become conscious of the needs of your baby.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage offers a wide range of physiological, emotional and psychological benefits for expecting moms

Lamaze Childbirth Classes

We are pioneers of Lamaze childbirth education in India. Lamaze classes give you essential knowledge that is crucial in ensuring safe and healthy natural birth


Our Postnatal Fitness and Exercise programs aim to help new mothers regain fitness, strength and muscle tone while losing weight.


A quiet time, soft music playing.... just you and your you gently massage her body and she responds back, the moment is so therapeutic for baby and you

Lactation Support

We offer individualized breastfeeding sessions for new mothers or for mothers who want to restart breastfeeding their babies