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Water Birth

We conducted our first Waterbirth in 2009, and were one the earliest healthcare providers to do so.

Water has been used over the ages to for labor and during actual childbirth. On closer examination, the baby is surrounded by amniotic fluid all throughout its stay in the womb. Waterbirth considerably eases the baby’s transition from inside her mother’s womb to the outside world. Waterbirth is less traumatic for the baby when it is born from a “watery” environment in the mother’s womb into another “watery” environment, for example in a tub. Studies have shown that when babies are born under water, they require less oxygen immediately after birth. This has been shown to increase oxygen supply to the brain, kidneys and liver, giving lifelong benefit to the baby.

For the mother too, being in water during labor reduces labor pains substantially, as water has a therapeutic effect on her. At our Natural Birthing Center, The Sanctum, mothers who labor in water, are more calm, and serene. Pushing is less painful in warm water, as the perineal tissues stretch more easily, without giving pain.

Our midwives and staff are experts in helping mothers use waterbirthing techniques and give mothers and babies a chance to experience the wonders of water as a birthing medium.

Click here to learn about our Waterbirth facility. Click here to view pictures of The Sanctum, Natural Birth Cener”, including the Water Birth facility.

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