“I knew where we would birth our baby long before we were expecting a baby. I have been an ardent follower of all the posts and birth stories on their page. That is what has got us to Healthy Mother Sanctum at week 5 of pregnancy. We would literally wait for our monthly visits and never have missed any. As with every visit our confidence would just grow. Lamaze classes are so informative and they sure prepare us for the labor thoroughly.

Although it was tough and long labor and postpartum, there was never a moment of nervousness or losing confidence.. this was all because of Dr.Vijaya Krishnan and team. Kudos to the God sent team. With Healthy Mother Sanctum, you are for sure in safe hands 🙂 thank you so much for all the support. It is the best day of our lives forever. Not only the birth experience, but the kind of support we as a couple were able to provide to each other because the kind of involvement allowed at the birth center.

For All – If you want a birth experience to cherish whole life, this is the place to be.”

~ Roopa Trasula Singh

I knew we would birth at Healthy Mother long before we were expecting a baby

“Thanks a ton for the wonderful and memorable birthing exp we had with all your strong support which gave us immense confidence we just cannot forget and put in words our true Happiness.”

“I would recommend this place to all my dear ones as it is the one of the most positive and natural way of giving birth without any medical intervention and the midwives’ support is just awesome they accompany us throughout the labor period which is the best thing I liked. Also they provide Lamaze classes for the couple which educate us about the birthing process. Specially would like to mention about Dr. Vijaya Krishnan who is so supportive and caring throughout the period I consulted her. Thank you Mam and I wish your mission of this natural birthing process will definitely be a grand success which is already in the phase. Special thanks to other midwives as well who gave equal support.”

~ Vasantha Lakshmi

“We switched our care to Healthy Mother Sanctum after trying most of the reputed care providers, as I was not getting the comfort which I was looking for. Being a first time mom brings so much anxiety due to so much happening inside you which raises tons of queries. Here come the Lamaze classes which made us very educated and gave a completely different perspective on the natural birth process. Ah, it was such a great knowledge for the new parents! With knowledge comes the confidence 🙂

My hubby decided to switch to HM though I was worried on the distance but he was confident on his driving skills so I will give him credit for that 🙂 🙂

Each meet with you made me more comfortable and confident on the natural birthing process , you and all the midwifes in HM had great patience in answering my tons of queries.

And here comes our big day.. superb care , support, encouraging words and so much more has made this experience which no words can describe… it was beyond our expectation. Read somewhere there is “no epidural for motherhood” so why to use when becoming a mommy 🙂

Thanks HM TEAM for being there in welcoming our sweet angel in this world!”

~ Pooja Saxena & Saugandh Jalesh

“It was a nice experience….. You made my wife so strong…. Thank you Healthy Mother….. Especially the efforts of Dr Vijaya Krishnan and Crystal are unforgettable….. Thank you….”

~ Ravindra Prasad & Srilakshmi Potluri

“Unforgettable moment of life ?,a day that changed us completely from couple to the parents. A warm welcome to the god blessed child??. Many people to thank for their heart whelming support.

My special thanks to God of angels Dr. Vijaya Krishnan, and whole HM team. You guys are simply awesome???.”

~ Vani Goutham & Vadiga Goutham

“Healthy Mother Sanctum team deserves a round of applause!!! They are helping women to have their right to birth naturally!!! Hats off…. Dr. Vijaya Krishnan”

“Thanks to the whole Healthy Mother team…. u all are truly angels!!!! My VBAC wouldn’t have be possible without u Dr. Vijaya Krishnan…I’m gonna cherish these moments for the rest of my life.”

~ Deepa Agarwal & Yogesh Agarwal

“Overall it has been a great experience with Healthy Mother Sanctum. We had a long drawn labor and finally had a wonderful VBAC experience. We cannot forget the support and care provided by the staff for the rest of our life. Keep up the great support and efforts. Special thanks to Dr. Vijaya, Crystal and Kiran, as also to nurses Sukeertha and Vijaya Kumari.”

~ Sirisha Bollu & Vinay Kumar

” This is our second baby at Healthy Mother Sanctum. And once again, it has been an excellent experience!! Great care and felt great level of support and confidence.”

~ Sravanthi Andhavarapu & Vidhyasagar Alvarsamy

“We are thrilled with our birth experience at Healthy Mother Sanctum. Thanks to each and every one of you. Special thanks to Kiran and Vijaya Ma’am. You guys rock!”

~ Sudha Rani & Srinivas

“We are very happy with our experience and love to share our story with all. The confidence, support and knowledge-sharing was extraordinary.”

~ Jyoti and Hitesh Shah

“Tremendous support and encouragement from Dr. Vijaya Krishnan throughout labor and delivery. Each and every person including nurses and ayahs were very supportive and caring.”

“The best place to go to for a natural birth is this, especially for first time to-be parents! We went there with a lot of anxiety, nervousness and half baked information, but within a couple of sessions (coupled with lamaze classes), all this turned to confidence!! And being confident means that more than half the battle is won, Exceptional care, dedication and patience by Dr. Vijaya Krishnan helped us deliver our baby on that night – a mother angel who was there with us throughout the night, coaxing and assuring me that I could do it…..and the rest as they say- is sweet memories.
Thank you ma’am…keep up the great work!”

~ Amrutha Amit

“Overall, we are very happy with our experience at Healthy Mother Sanctum. Everyone has been very supportive. Dr. Vijaya has been a revelation, especially during labor. Lamaze classes have been good too. We would suggest to open more Centers in Hyderabad so that everyone can avail of your services and enjoy natural birth!”

~ Tulasi Suvarna & Ravi Shankar Konduri

There are so many breaths in life but only few breathless moments…. Welcoming our baby girl is one such moment for us…Wowww, what an experience….

Thank you, Dr Vijaya , Mr Krishnan, and staff members Kiran,Vijaya Kumari, Sukeertha, Mahitha for your awesome support during delivery….Keerthi and I will be thankful for you for lifetime!

I pray to God that every couple understands the importance of educating themselves about birth practices followed by Healthy Mother…. You are doing a great service.

Expertise of Vijaya is just awesome…I am right now sitting beside two brave souls – one is my wife and another is our loving baby…

….both are in deep rest… Yes she is our dancing queen…

Keerti M.N and Santosh Kumar

From the father:

An amazing experience in my life. Still that scene is going on in my mind when the baby came out, and that precious moment when I held the baby for the 1st time.. All thanks to the team of Healthy Mother. You guys are so awesome and work as a team. Special thanks to Dr.Vijaya mam and Kiran .

From the mother:

I will definitely fall short of words in order to describe my feelings but I wanna give it a try…

..Coming to Healthy Mother and being under the guidance of Dr. Vijaya is a blessing in disguise in itself. To be honest, I trust her as blindly as a baby trusts his/her mother. What a graceful lady she is!!! Oh yes, my pregnancy definitely took a twist while nearing its end, so what? I also had Dr. Vijaya and her whole team committed towards the motive of my baby’s safe birth, which eventually evened out all the odds.” 🙂

My labor was really confusing to me as well as the healthy mother team. At the Birth Centre, during my labor I was informed that I was only 4 cms dilated, but my baby was super duper low and was pressuring my cervix to forcefully open up … (She was indeed in a hurry to come out, which somehow Dr. Vijaya knew! )

Special thanx to my love, my life, my better half …Without him, no weight gain would have been possible, no proper nutrition would have been supplied to my selfie duck (that’s what I call my lil angel, she love selfies)… , and no natural birth would have been possible… What a support u were at that time!!! Your encouragement, help, blessings, love and unending care brought our lil’ angel to this world naturally

Healthy mother team – you guys don’t deliver babies, you literally give birth to them, as well as a new birth to the parents… Love u all!

Archana and Dharmendra Kumar Singh

Thanks to everyone at the Healthy Mother Natural Birth Center for their constant and continuous care and support provided pre-, through-, and post-delivery. It is an awesome experience giving birth here with Vijaya Ma’am taking utmost care every time we came for our antenatal check ups, and instilling confidence in the mother (BTW, I was always confident 🙂 )!

Thanks to Kiran for providing her support and counseling. Thanks to all the other staff – Nurses Mahitha and Sukeertha for taking care of the mother and baby, Soumya for welcoming us every time with her sweet smile, and special thanks (from Chaitanya especially) to Manjula for taking such good care of mother and baby postbirth, and keeping the environment clean all the time.

Chaitanya and Swaroop Adepu

“Vijaya, your expertise to get natural birth done is applaudable. Every member of the Healthy Mother team is wonderful, and we are very much thankful to them all. Allowing father to be the labor room, is amazing. It also allows for them to see how strongly the entire team is committed to help mother to have a natural birth! Overall, I am very happy with the care provided!”

Rajeshwari and Jaspal Singh Guguloth

I was very impressed and saved by both the prenatal and postnatal care and advice given by Dr. Vijaya. She was so kind and patient and addressed every single issue that I had.

The labor was out of this world!! Still feels like a dream rather than reality. From the moment I arrived at the Birth Center, until my baby was born, my eyes were closed. But, the midwives Vijaya and Kiran stayed right by my side throughout the labor, and were able to guide me and to keep me in the “zone” that I needed to be in to deal with the intensity of the contractions, and to push my baby out.

Dr. Vijaya, your peaceful presence and calm and gentle encouragement meant the world to me, and thanks to you, I could have the VBAC no one ever believed was possible. I cannot thank you enough! Much love!

Overall, a very, very happy and wonderful experience. Thank you for bringing our lovely Ahvya to us.

Angie and Pradeep Reddy

We are very happy that our child was born at Healthy Mother. We made a decision of C-section at the last minute, but still Dr. Vijaya had a hope of natural birth, and she made it a success of my giving birth naturally at Healthy Mother, even when we faced so many complications towards the end. We thank all the staff of Healthy Mother for their support. Special thanks to Kiran, Vijaya Kumari and Udaya.

B. Keerthi Reddy

First we would like to thank you for your high quality service at Healthy Mother.

If we have to measure your service from 0-100%, we would rate you more than 100%!

We request you to continue same quality service to provide benefit to more parents like us. A very big thanks to Kiran, Sukeertha, Vijaya Kumari,, Mahitha & Sowmya. A very big thanks to Dr. Vijaya who set up this excellent team to make wonderful beginnings, benefiting more parents.

Samyuktha and Ramesh Kopparapu

We are very much satisfied with the service provided by Dr. Vijaya and all the staff at Healthy Mother, specifically Kiran fir all her patience and responsiveness all the time. We would also like to thank Sukeertha for all her support throughout my labor. Sister Vijaya has been there always for us, caring and with her words of love!!

Mandakini Kakileti and N.S.Krishna

“The staff at Healthy Mother – each one of them – is very friendly and gives value to our concerns. All queries are resolved very quickly. They don’t care about demands on their time! We experienced very good hospitality. It feels like you are at your home! Dr. Vijaya Krishnan is excellent, and we are so glad that both of our babies were born here, under her supervision and care.”

Swetha and Vijay Krishnam Raju

“Mahitha’s support during labor and post delivery was excellent. I cannot finish without mentioning Dr. Vijaya Krishnan – support from her was excellent during labor and birth. I strongly recommend people to come here and have natural birth. Big Thank You, Healthy Mother!”

Anita Narappagari and Chandra Shekhar

If you want a normal delivery, we do not see having any other option other than Healthy Mother. We feel “Healthy Mother” is the only place to be at! This is a tremendous experience for us. And, it could not have been achieved without Vijaya Ma’am and her team at Healthy Mother.

Swetha Mandha & Abhiram Prasad Reddy

“Vijaya Krishnan Ma’am has taken utmost care of my wife during her pregnancy. We will be always thankful, we love you so much! Each and everyone of the Healthy Mother team have taken tremendous care of my wife during her pregnancy, labor and birth – Thank you, All.”

Aruna Sri and Janardhan

“Very happy with the service provided, guidance given. It really helped a lot. This is our second baby at Healthy Mother, and I only say thanks to Vijaya Ma’am and the staff!”

Renuka and G. Guruprasad

“Dr. Vijaya Krishnan, your confidence and trust in the birthing process is amazing. You also have a very good team, who supports the mother in labor throughout. I would only recommend your services strongly to everyone!”

Deepthi and Satya Pradeep Kumar Pappu

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Healthy Mother and its staff. Without Vijaya’s help, we would not have had a natural birth. Thanks to Vijaya and her staff, particularly Kiran, for giving us this gift of natural birth!

Vijaya’s efforts, support and care is extraordinary, and I see Kiran as second after Vijaya – Kiran is an awesome Midwife!!

Once again, thanks to Vijaya, Kiran, Vijaya Kumari, Premalatha, and Sukeertha. We will never forget your support

Sharada Penumallu and Narayan Reddy

As always, Dr. Vijaya is very loving and supporting. We are extremely happy that it is a natural birth, and that we are able to provide the best loving space to our baby at Healthy Mother. Both our kids have been welcomed into this world here!!

Healthy Mother remains a memorable and joyful part of our lives. Thanks for everything

Kiran Anumalasetty and Jaya Kanthi

Thanks a lot!! I am grateful to Dr. Vijaya and her dedicated staff for their awesome support!

R. Jyothsna

There was exceptional level of support from the whole team.The care, support and knowledge is outstanding. We are so happy to have chosen Healthy Mother.

Sowmya Eippili

In addition to receiving great support from the main Midwifery team, we also got excellent care before and after the birth from all the other staff. Vijaya Kumari, Premalatha, Manjula and Udaya deserve special mention!

Shilpa Aggarwal

We would strongly recommend Healthy Mother to everyone.

Ms. Vijaya Kumari impressed us very much, with her deep involvement in answering all questions and concerns, as well as explaining everything about mother/newborn care.

Overall every single member of the Healthy Mother Team put in their very best efforts!

Tanuja Majeti

Thank you for excellent care and support throughout the journey of motherhood!

Sirisha Madala and Rajendra Bharat

Excellent care and support from the entire team of Healthy Mother.Excellent care for mother and baby. Total staff support helped us have a healthy and safe birth experience.

Swetha Vemu and Madan Mohan Vemu

The support staff at HM were excellent, and I should praise the level of patience shown by the entire Healthy Mother team. I strongly recommend Healthy Mother to every parent who wants a natural birth!

Sumalatha Gokula

We are very happy and thankful to Healthy Mother Team, for such great support. We feel that the whole treatment of moms in pregnancy is so different from usual visits at other hospitals. At Healthy Mother there is emotional bonding between the staff and the moms who are visiting.

Coming from a family in which there are 3 doctors who usually advised going to other hospitals, we heard such good reviews about Healthy Mother, that we visited them. Here we experienced such wonderful and excellent motivation from Vijaya madam and staff, that we decided to continue our care at Healthy Mother. And, now we can proudly say that we have chosen the best choice i.e “Healthy Mother” – you made our dream come true. We are the happiest parents to have cutest baby in our hands.

All the best to the team, and keep going.

FYI – I work for Polycom, and I will encourage all my colleagues to opt for HM care!

Divyasri Mittapally and Sandeep Kurapati

This is the best in town Birth Center for pregnant mothers. I would recommend this to all women who are planning to have a baby! Dr. Vijaya is the best careprovider who explains everything in detail. She is one of a kind, who cares about women during pre- and post-pregnancy, rather than worry them about other things.

All of us are there to support all your future endeavors. All the best!

Madhurima Divakarla

Simple thanks and gratitude words are not enough to Dr. Vijaya Krishnan. We both will remember you forever.

Support from Kiran and Manjula in labor was very good. All other staff members were also very responsive.

Thanks a ton!

Himabindu and Sudhir Athcutha

1. We loved the idea that it is the mother that gives birth and that the team is there to support and encourage her.

2. The level of support and encouragement is absolutely astounding.

3. The confidence and courage that the care providers display is amazing.

4. The empathy and overall care was beautiful.

5. Being a VBAC, the experience of natural birth itself is a life changing experience! It could not have been better than this any place else.

Nidarshana Saikia Das

It was a beautiful and memorable experience birthing my kid under the wonderful guidance of so many good souls. All my nurses, caregivers were wonderful. I have never experienced such holistic support anywhere else. THIS EXPERIENCE developed such confidence in me and I am a better person now. Dr. Vijaya and team’s support is what I recommend to every mom who is looking forward to experience natural birth. I, my hubby and my family wish Dr. Vijaya and Team success and good health. Thank you All, for proving me right in my decision to come over to Hyderabad from Singapore to experience natural birth.

D. Jayasree Pournima

Dr. Vijaya and the Entire team at Healthy Mother were extremely supportive and caring. I would certainly recommend their services to every parent who needs a Natural Delivery. Thank you and keep the good work going on!

Swarnalatha Gokula

Everything about Healthy Mother is so good. There is so much love around that we never got the feeling that we were in hospital or birth center. Vijaya Madam, thank you very much for all your support and special care during my pregnancy and labor. Special mention for the entire staff for the warmth they have shown. Thanks to Vijaya Kumari for explaining things clearly. And special thanks to Kiran, Premalatha, Sukeertha and Prathima for their support.

Shilpa Reddy Aunugu

Excellence is a way of life at Healthy Mother. Everyone in the staff is equally competent, compassionate and caring towards all the mothers. I would recommend all the mothers-to-be to Healthy Mother!

Vijetha Annimalla

It was a great pleasure for me to give birth to my baby boy at Healthy Mother Sanctum. Allowing father to be involved during labor and making parents feel childbirth as their own process, is what I like most here. Tremendous support from Dr. Vijaya and Team, made us to have a comfortable and peaceful birth. Support received from Kiran was awesome during labor and our special thanks to Kiran and Dr. Vijaya. We would also like to appreciate the positive environment and the positive attitude from the entire team. Thanks to Vijaya Kumari and Sukeertha for all the care and support provided. We were amazed at Dr. Vijaya’s patience and decisions during labor.

Finally, thanks to Healthy Mother Sanctu, for providing extensive support to All parents!

Punyavathi Male

We are thankful to the entire Healthy Mother Team. The support and care taken by Vijaya and the team is unforgettable. This is our third baby and our first normal delivery. The support given by Vijaya till the delivery can’t be expressed in words. This is the most memorable experience to us. Thank you Vijaya and team.

Everyone said that it (this time too) will be a C-section again. But, we had faith in God, and trust in Healthy Mother team. By God’s grace and Vijaya’s help WE DID IT! Thanks once again Healthy Mother for your support and help!

Syeda Shakeera

“Having a baby at Healthy Mother”- This is one of the best decisions we have taken in our life. The staff here INTRODUCED us to our baby in the most memorable way. It is because of the care providers here, that we are leaving the premises with a healthy baby and a stronger and braver mother.

“WE DID IT!” – Healthy Mother made us “do it”! Tons of gratitude and lots of thanks. All the Best, Team!

Ganesh Kumar. P

Vijaya madam and her team at Healthy Mother are just excellent!! I feel lucky to have come to know about Healthy Mother and have my wife give birth to our child here. All the time we had a feeling that we are in safe hands. Even after her discharge from the Birthing Center, Dr. Vijaya and the team are making sure that Bharathi and the baby are doing fine. I really the work Dr. Vijaya and her team at Healthy Mother are doing

– Shankar Tayi

Bharathi and Shankar Tayi

We thank every single member at Healthy Mother right from Kiran, Vijaya Kumari, Premalatha, Sukeertha, Balamani, Manjula and Prathima – everyone has been so supportive; without them it would have been difficult to go through the pre- and post-pregnancy period. And, this experience would not have been possible without Dr. Vijaya Krishnan, she was a mountain of hope for us. The love she showered on us and the baby has been really helpful in making it a cake walk for us. I will recommend Healthy Mother and Dr. Vijaya Krishnan to everyone possible!

~ Sputnik Manne

Sputnik Manne

– A right place for birthing

– A right service provider for moms and babies

– A place to experience quality service

And, above all

– A place for experiencing the naturality in birthing the babies!

~ Divya Naga Vardhini

Divya Naga Vardhini Jonnavittula

The entire staff of Healthy Mother is very supportive and knowledgeable. Extremely happy and blessed to have our baby delivered at Healthy Mother. We would like to take a moment to convey our heartfelt thank you to the entire staff and especially Dr. Vijaya.

Great job by Dr. Vijaya and Team!All the very best!

~ Swathi Kotha

Swathi Kotha

We never thought pregnancy could be so enjoyable and a life changing experience.You and your team at Healthy Mother have made me believe in myself, and have given me the strength to go through the whole process of pregnancy and labor.

The Lamaze Classes that we attended were really educative, and we were able to understand the changes I felt without panic. The staff at Healthy Mother were really caring, and everyone was there to help us at all times. This has been an amazing experience for me and my family. I AM A PROUD VBAC MOM! I will be a staunch advocate of your Midwifery Model of Care and The Sanctum for my entire life….

– Krithika Jagadish

Krithika Jagadish

The whole team at Healthy Mother have provided us with very high level of comfort, and throughout the whole process of pregnancy, labor and post partum. We are sure that we would NOT have got the same level of support in any other hospital. We are so proud of our decision to chose Healthy Mother Sanctum as the place where our baby “enters” this world!!

We will cherish this journey all through our life and will definitely would bring our kid here and introduce to everyone who have helped her in this journey. We look forward to sharing our detailed Birth Story experience on your web site shortly.

Thanks again from all three of our family – Anusha, Anand, and our little one!

– Anusha and Anand

Anusha Debbadi

Even to acknowledge the efforts put in by your team comprising of Manjula, Sukeertha, Vijaya, Premlatha, Prathima, and of course you, Dr. Vijaya, will require additional pages !!

In a few words, you have a great team, which makes the impossible come true. You and your team have made us believe that we are empowered to be in charge of my birthing my own baby. We say THANK YOU with a big smile on our faces. We thank the Almighty for directing us to you and for the lovely moments…..

Sudha and Praveen

Sudha Rani Rachel Dunna

Being at Healthy Mother made us feel we are in a secure and safe hands. The care, concern and warmth provided by all the support staff was amazing, especially Ms. Vijayakumari’s support during my labor was irreplaceable. Manjula was very caring as well as being a very patient lady.

Healthy Mother Team – You guys are AWESOME! and without any one of you we would not have had this happy and satisfied journey in my pregnancy and the birth of my baby.

This feedback would not be complete if I dont mention about Dr. Vijaya Krishnan:

Dear Ma’m you are the most amazing woman I have ever seen!!! Love you for everything!

– From my mom, hubby and baby too!

Neeharika Rentala and Dileep

We are not able to express our happiness!! I have never felt this much of happiness in my life, and Dr. Vijaya has made it possible for me and my family. She has made my dream come true. There are no words to describe what she is doing. In fact, from today, I will be the biggest supporter of Healthy Mother and recommend everyone to come to Dr. Vijaya for their baby.

V. Sravya

We saw excellent team work at Healthy Mother, and every member of the team knew what role they had to play. Here at Healthy Mother, Dr. Vijaya Krishnan and her team members Vijayakumari, Premlatha, Kiran, Prathima, Sukeertha, accompanied by Specialist Manjula, were always at our side, and taking care of me during my long hours of labor. I carried my baby till 41st week and did not feel panicked at any stage and the Healthy Mother team helped me successfully have an incredible birth.

I, my husband, and our parents have many cherished memories of the birth of our baby at Healthy Mother. All the best to the Healthy Mother team. Good Luck 🙂

Sruthi and Stalin Talluri

We are very happy and proud to be associated with Healthy Mother during the birth of our baby. The sisters are very friendly and co-operative. The care taken by Dr. Vijaya and her team is extremely good and the best we could have hoped for.

Pavan Kumar Chilukuri

It is difficult to sum up such excellence on a sheet of paper. The whole team of Healthy Mother provided us with unconditional support, excellent care and made our experience out of the world.


– Madhu and Amit

Madhusmita Mohanty

Amit and I strongly recommend expansion of Healthy Mother across other parts of the country. Kiran, Vijaya, Manjula, Premlatha – all were so approachable and were like friends around to help me rather than care providers.

TAKE A BOW DR. VIJAYA from our family!!!! We are glad to be here. We tried hard but could not find anything major to be improved from where it is today. You are all an excellent group!

– Priya and Amit, Chennai

Priya Amit

Thank you Dr. Vijaya and team for fulfilling our wish to have a normal delivery after the cesarean birth of our first child. You believed in us more than we ourselves did ! This definitely would not have been possible without your amazing support, care and patience during all those long hours of labor.

We are lucky and feel blessed to find you as our care provider. Thanks a ton again!!

N. Latha and N. Ganga Reddy

We are extremely happy with the services provided to us at Healthy Mother and the care shown by all the staff. We are grateful to Dr. Vijaya Krishnan for giving us a beautiful daughter. Our best wishes to her, and her team. Thank you very much !

S. Rama

We feel extremely happy to be your customer for my entire period of pregnancy as well as pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy period. We have been very much enlightened by your Lamaze classes, as well as your Yoga and Counseling sessions, for me to maintain good health. We wish you will continue the excellent work being done by you, and the friendly care you provide to your customers.

We will continue to recommend Healthy Mother and aim to spread your message for the years to come. We will forever remember our wonderful experience with you and your team at Healthy Mother who gave us this precious gift.

Girija Kusuma

Thanks to all the staff at Healthy Mother for the excellent support provided to us. I felt just like home!! The inspirational words of Dr. Vijaya and the care by the team helped me to prepare mentally for this life changing process.

Special thanks to Vijayakumari – she was wonderful. Thanks to Kiran and Prathima. I dont have words to express my feelings and emotions. It is something which should be experienced by every mom-to-be!!

The care given by Manjula was really amazing. Please accept a big LOVE from my little girl!


T. Vijayalakshmi

We feel good that we chose Healthy Mother for the birth of our baby. Dr. Vijaya’s support made us speechless. We especially appreciate her for help in my labor and the support she gave me. The team at Healthy Mother is caring and very good.

We thank you Vijaya Krishnan and your team for the safe and healthy birth of our baby in our hands !


YOU ALL ARE AWESOME! Each and every person of the Healthy Mother team exudes the same level of enthusiasm, passion, and commitment that is part its basic philosophy. All I can say is that you all are Angels in disguise and every mother who births with you will feel the same way.

Love you for everything….

Ipshita H. Sasmal

Our experience at Healthy Mother during the birth of our son in 2011 was so wonderful that we had determined we will have our second baby at Healthy Mother as well. The support and care during the entire period of pregnancy, labor and birth was unmatchable. The team goes of their way to ensure that mothers and babies get the best care ever. We are so glad to have Healthy Mother part of the two biggest events of our family.


Sumabeena Bhat

Many Many thanks to the entire team at Healthy Mother. The kind of support and knowledge imparted throughout my pregnancy was really great. The support you provided to me during my labor was exceptional. Every thing was well organized, and the entire team was always available to help and provide any support to me.

I salute each and every one for your dedication you have toward your work.


Parinita Agrawal

We are very glad that we chose Vijaya and the team at Healthy Mother at the last minute of my pregnancy. For us it was a memorable and heart-touching experience. After a first cesarean, having a normal delivery was possible only because of the emotional and physical support from Vijaya and the team at Healthy Mother.

In fact, this experience has made me feel like having another baby at Healthy Mother 🙂

We loved this experience and I will do my best to spread the message about Healthy Mother. EVERY WOMAN DESERVES THIS EXPERIENCE!!!

Sriprada and Chakrapani

We found Excellent care providers at Healthy Mother, who made my delivery very special. Manjula is excellent in care and makes the mother and baby very comfortable – thank you Manjula!

Special thanks to Dr. Vijaya who made us believe that delivering a baby can be so beautiful!!

Stiti Prangya Behera and Arobindo Sahoo

It was really wonderful to have my baby at Healthy Mother. I want to thank each and every one of the team for helping and supporting me at all times. Without Vijaya Krishnan, Crystal, Vijaya sister, Sukeertha sister, Manjula it would not have been easy for me.

Prathima and Premlatha were also very supportive and encouraging.

I thank each of them for being with me during my labor the entire time. All you guys are full of patience and love and compassion.

Healthy Mother Team ROCKS!!

Vijetha and Damodar Reddy

We heard about Healthy Mother from many of my friends. You have exceeded all our expectations. Keep up the good work!!

The team’s personal attention to each and every mother is truly remarkable. Your support staff ROCKS!

Mrudhula Heerekar and Aditya Chaganti

Honestly, I am grateful to Healthy Mother !! As parents Healthy Mother WAS the “informed choice” we made after visiting many popular hospitals in Hyderabad. I am glad that we made the right choice. I think rather we think of you as our family and will birth with you again for our second child.

For now however, we wish you lots of success and abundance.

Kaajal and Siddharth Maheshwari

I and my husband Gaurab are very glad that we chose the Healthy Mother Sanctum, natural birth center to give birth to my first baby. The amount of care and patience shown by all of you is commendable. Dr. Vijaya, Crystal, and the whole team deserve a very big thank you from us for everything

Rinkey Bhattacharya Nanda

We would like to thank the entire team at Healthy Mother Sanctum for all the support given to us during my labor and delivery. This Birth Experience was the most pleasant, empowering and memorable one for me and my husband. I had an amazing VBAC experience at Healthy Mother Sanctum – when no one else supported my and my husband’s wish to have a normal delivery after my previous c-section, the Healthy Mother team of Vijaya and Crystal fully encouraged and backed us with all the care and support even when things were not looking good. It was because of this support that I was able to have a perfect Normal Delivery even after my first cesarean delivery.

Our heartfelt thanks to Vijaya Krishnan, Crystal, Vijayakumari, and Balamani Amma for the support and help that you have extended.

Priyadarshini and N.V. Chakravarthy

I felt that all the care providers at Healthy Mother were very good in caring for me and my baby. Thank you so much for all your support throughout my labor and pre-labor. Hope you continue to provide the best care for all your customers.

I and my family are very very happy with the care that you have shown us right from the pregnancy days, to my labor and delivery. I strongly wish that Healthy Mother Sanctum grows tremendously going forward because this is the kind of respectful care that mothers and babies want and need.

THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!! We will strongly recommend Healthy Mother to our relatives and friends.

Sarika Ratnam and Kishore

It has been a tremendous effort from everyone at Healthy Mother family. Your support during labor was beyond our expectations.

We are certain that no Birth Center in India can provide such a level of care and support to expecting moms during pregnancy and labor. Each and every team member of Healthy Mother has been trained to the highest levels of care and patience for the laboring mom.

Thank You.

Devaki Korrapati and Amit Gupta

The support extended by Dr. Vijaya and Crystal was amazing. We couldn’t have had such a wonderful experience without them and also Vijaya Kumari, Premalatha for their tremendous support during labor and post partum. Last but not the least we would not want to leave out Balamani amma, and Manjula. Things would not have been as easy had it not been for their constant care and hard work towards caring for our hygiene and cleanliness throughout our stay.

In short, we are Touched, Amazed and Overwhelmed by the genuine concern, warmth, care, support and patience extended by the whole staff. It was more like a family atmosphere where we could trust everybody completely which made the whole journey truly beautiful.

We would strongly recommend Healthy Mother Sanctum to everybody we know!!!

Sapna Omkar Sainath

Our Birthing experience at Healthy Mother Sanctum was an enriching and fulfilling one, filled with joy. The care and practical experience shown by Dr. Vijaya, Crystal and their team was phenomenal, which resulted in a normal delivery for me. I can say that at any other place it would have been a cesarean.

Thank you to Healthy Mother.

Neha Verma and Alok Barwad

It was because of Vijaya and Crystal that I had a normal delivery after a previous cesarean. Thank you to all staff of Healthy Mother, for making this happen.

We had a memorable birth experience at Healthy Mother, and wish Vijaya and her team all the very best for her future endeavors

Annapoorni and Karthik Eashwaran

We had an awesome experience. We got great support from the Healthy Mother team. We will never forget this experience and will cherish this memory throughout our life.

When I started feeling my pains at 1:30pm, I knew from my Lamaze class that I was supposed to wait for “longer, stronger contractions”. However, I made a call the next day early morning 6:00 am to Vijaya, who asked me how my contractions were, and based on that told me to wait for some more time. I thought it was really horrible to be told that. HOWEVER, I waited and when it was finally time, I was called to The Sanctum, and from the way the whole team cared for me, and the way my labor progressed I realized that when Vijaya told me to wait, it was indeed correct. I realized why she told me to wait. A BIG Thanks to the Healthy Mother team.

We were reborn as a family at Healthy Mother!

Ashwini and Uday Kumar Bachu

Without the help and support of Vijaya and the Healthy Mother team I would never had a chance to have a Natural Birth. So, we express our sincere gratitude!! The staff has been very sweet, dedicated and caring. The facilities have been great!!

Sejal and Pulkit Parikh

“Healthy Mother” – this is what I am feeling I am! I am reborn again!!
It was a great journey, all thanks to the team, especially Vijaya Krishnan, Crystal, Sara, and the entire team. I felt I was “home” and all you guys were my family.

Love to you all…

Signing off with love

Humera Jabeen and Mustafa

A wonderful and supportive place – Heaven sent for parents who want an environment that supports healthy and natural birth.

Thank you and Keep up the Great Work !!

Millena Veruska and Rahul Sehgal

The personal care provided throughout the pregnancy period and the delivery time are exemplary. All the midwives, nurses, aayas, without exception have been highly supportive. Thank you one and all at Healthy Mother, for making this a pleasurable and wonderful experience for us.

Neeharika Papineni and K. Harish

The support given by each and every person at Healthy Mother is praise worthy. To name specifically, Premlatha sister has been the one who has been there for every moment of our stay and also, Manjula who was a great help.

It has all been because of Dr. Vijaya and Crystal that we were able to experience the wonderful, empowering birth of our baby. The care we received was more than excellent.

Lavanya M. and Gowri Shankar

It was wonderful experience to give birth at Healthy Mother. I do not have any words to express my feelings of gratitude. Thank you so much Dr. Vijaya, Crystal and entire Healthy Mother team for your great support!!

Mohasin Banu and Srihari Kothati

We had excellent support from Dr. Vijaya, Crystal and wonderful support from Premlatha, and the rest of the staff at Healthy Mother Sanctum. You guys gave us the memorable gift of a lifetime!! A Special Thanks to the entire team at Healthy Mother.

Madhavi Latha and Raghavendra Maram

We recieved excellent support during pre-delivery and post-delivery care. We will highly recommend Healthy Mother to everyone wanting a normal delivery

Kala and Karnam Krishnaji

Thank you so much for all the support and care provided during my labor. Our experience of delivery has been excellent. Special thanks to Dr. Vijaya, Crystal, Premlatha, Manjula, for all the support and also the Belgian trainees Margo and Brigitte. We felt so cherished to have chosen a wonderful place as Healthy Mother Sanctum for the birth of our baby.

Santoshini Bukka and Harish Puligilla

Our birthing experience at Healthy Mother Sanctum was Awesome! There are certainly no words to express our feelings. The support we got from Vijaya, Crystal, and the whole staff was excellent. You all showed great patience and continuously supported us inspite of being tired yourselves for long hours, which gave a boost of encouragement to us. Our stay was just like a second home for us. I would definitely recommend Healthy Mother to friends and relatives. And we hope that you would continue the same good work throughout the years to come.

Swathi and Madhukiran Varma

Patience level of Dr. Vijaya, Crystal and the entire team of Healthy Mother is worth praising especially at the time of delivery. I had a great Water Birth experience and Healthy Mother is an excellent place to have a Water Birth in India. Dr. Vijaya has taken up the challenge of promoting Natural Birth, which is a boon for expecting mothers. I had only dreamt of having natural birth of my baby, and today Dr. Vijaya has made it possible. Dr. Vijaya – as long as you continue doing this work, only those women who are blessed can take real support from you. This is a true need for every expecting woman on this Earth!!! I respect your soul with great honor as you are doing a really great service.

Swati and Durga Prasad Allavarapu

I thought birthing for me was a herculean task as I read in books and it certainly looked that way. During labor I did turn down twice but only due to the tremendous support and ultimate care of Healthy Mother Team I was able to birth my baby. Thanks to Crystal, Vijaya, Vijayakumari and Premlata sisters, Balamani and Manjula Ayammas, who gave special advice to me during labor which I would never forget!! Thanks and a big hug to you all!!!

Smita and Venkat Sadawale

We have not met so caring doctors ever. Dr. Vijaya had helped us even when we had not met her as we are based out of Bangalore. Crystal is incredible. We run out of words in praising her. Healthy Mother support staff is very caring and understanding to the needs of mother and baby.

(View their Birth Story here)

Kavita and Vibhu Swami

We feel very lucky to have our baby here at Healthy Mother. There are 3 reasons – a) Best place for Normal Delivery b) Care for Mother and Baby and c) Level of service shown by Dr. Vijaya, Crystal and all the nurses and staff at Healthy Mother. We wish Dr. Vijaya Krishnan all the best and many more successful births at Healthy Mother.

Swetha Chamarthi and Vijay Krishnam Raju

It has been a great experience giving birth to our son at Healthy Mother. We are leaving this place with long happy memories. Felt like our home! We never had a feeling this was a birthing center and time would come when we have to go to our actual home. A special thanks to Dr. Vijaya and Crystal for their patience and support through my labor. I and my husband definitely look forward to our second baby to be born at Healthy Mother again. THANKS ONCE AGAIN. Needless to mention, the support extended by nurses and staff at Healthy Mother was beyond expectations. THANK YOU!

Minu Gandham and G.Suman Kumar

I always believed in angels from childhood. Angels who help people in their time of need. Angels are true and I found them at The Healthy Mother Sanctum. Excellent service which helped us have our beautiful “princess” in reality. Great care and support was give to me and excellent advice and confidence imparted into our minds.My husband and I are always grateful to the team at Healthy Mother!!

Madhu Priya Dantu

Dr. Vijaya, Crystal – You are awesome Our experience at Healthy Mother has been wonderful. We were amazed by the level and quality of support given to us at every hour of day and night. We would also like to appreciate the effort put in my Ms. Premlatha who helped us more than we could ask for. Forgive us for not remembering other names, but we would like to extend our thanks to everyone involved over here to make this such a wonderful experience for us. Click Here to view their Video Testimony.

Jayotsna and Paresh Sharma

Dr. Vijaya, Crystal, Premlatha, Vijaya Kumari, Balamani and Manjula all deserve praise. The team at Healthy Mother is very good!!

View Deepthi’s Birth Story here.

Deepthi Sethi Ahuja and Vikram Ahuja

Both Dr. Vijaya and Crystal are very caring and supportive. The kind of passion and dedication they have for their work is amazing. Busy work schedules and odd hours of work does not seem to bother them at all. Mothers can only become stronger in their company which I noticed with myself. Many thanks to Dr. Vijaya for her support and encouragement throughout, especially the night before delivery. Appreciate your entire team’s help.

Once again, many thanks to Healthy Mother, which is the only promoter of Natural Birth, for doing what they are doing!!

Vindhya and Mohan Madananchi

Without Healthy Mother institution we can never imagine that our baby’s birth could be a natural one. We are highly satisfied with the support and care shown to us and our baby.

Thanks for all your patience, support and care.

Anjani and Pradeep Kapaganty

Awesome support & care by Dr. Vijaya, Crystal and team!! Extraordinary encouragement at every step. Pain relief management was amazing and super!! We aer very very happy with the service provided by every member of the Healthy Mother team.

Jayanthi and Suresh Davuluri

I would like to thank each and every one at Healthy Mother for the care provided to me during labor. Dr. Vijaya, Crystal, Premlatha, every one of you made me feel more secure and confident during my labor.

Ragasudha Puttagunta and Vamsi Krishna

The level of support that I received during my entire pregnancy uand labor was excellent. The support from Vijaya helped me handle the process of birth confidently. The freedom to birth in comfortable positions, the patience, and encouragement I received is something I will never forget. Thank you making my birth experience full of loving care!

We appreciate the efforts your team has been putting to implement the best gentle birth practices to welcome babies into this world peacefully and lovingly. Thanks, especially for making the first day of our baby’s life so special!

Hema Chandana and Srinivas

SIMPLY SUPERB!! I could’nt have asked for more than this…… I am extremly happy and grateful to Dr. Vijaya and Crystal and the other staff as well who have been very supportive, caring, and kind towards me. The encouragement that I have received is commendable. Thank You!

Srivalli and and Navin

We wish to have our next baby also at the Healthy Mother Birthing Center. I wholeheartedly recommend Healthy Mother to my friends, colleagues so that they can be aware of the wonderful job you are doing at Healthy Mother. Thanks a lot for your support, Vijaya, Crystal and the rest of the staff – Vijaykumari, Swapna, Sravanthi. My baby will miss you a lot!! All the very best!

Suneetha Kota and Ravi Kumar

The midwives of Healthy Mother and their support staff have been great. We have never seen a more caring and personalized attention given to us during my labor, and during the rest of the stay at Healthy Mother.

Rebecca and Srikanth

We are very happy with the support from Vijaya and team during the entire pregnancy, labor and birth of our baby. Thank you Team! We were happy with the good support from Vijaykumari sister during breastfeeding.

Archana and Harish

We really appreciate the level of attention and commitment from everyone at Healthy Mother. Our experience was excellent as we welcomed our first baby at the Healthy Mother Natural Birth Center, The Sanctum. I am very impressed with the initiatives that you have and if we could be of any help we would be glad to do so. View their video testimony here

Komal Mittal Agarwal and Ankur Agarwal

Though Jaya had a cesarean the best part she felt was the counseling given to her to be able to take an informed decision about it. She entered the OT without any fear because of Dr. Vijaya’s support and presence. Daily visits by Healthy Mother team were very interactive. Jaya felt she was given utmost love and care by the entire Healthy Mother team besides clarifying all our doubts and help her with her recovery which was very fast.

We felt we came for a pleasure trip with family and NOT to a hospital. There are no traces of suffering, pain, or anxiety about Mom / Baby at the Healthy Mother Sanctum. It is because of the unconditional loving space that Dr. Vijaya and her team has created. We would love to be here again!!! Our special thanks to Crystal for her excellent counseling and efforts during Jaya’s labor and for being there all the way, especially at midnight when we came to the Birthing Center.

Jaya and A. Kiran Kumar

We are overwhelmed with the kind of support and care received at the Healthy Mother Natural Birth Center, The Sanctum. Words can’t describe our gratitude for Dr. Vijaya and Crystal. We will definitely be strong advocates of your work whenever we get an opportunity. Thank you!!

Anusha and Venkat

I have seen this day in my life because of two most important people in my life – Vijaya and Marianne. They have been my pillars throughout my pregnancy. My baby owes her life to them. And we owe much happiness to them as well. Thank you so much for being my guardian angels in this journey of mine and my baby will thankfully remember that she has two guardian angels in her life.

Deepti& Vishal Nadimpalli

I and my near ones would like to say Thank You for the time, the love, support, empathy and especially “being open to talk” about everything anytime. That’s what made the birth of my baby so wonderful. Thank you Dr. Vijaya for helping me and continuously telling me for 12 hours that I could do it. Thanks for holding my hands throughout my labor – you were the second mother I had in that room!

Thank you Smita for talking to me and telling me that everything will be fine and just checking on me time and again even when it was not really necessary.

Crystal, I want to thank you for all that you did, but honestly there are no words for what you did for me on that day. And like you always said, any day is a good day to have a baby, Wednesday was a GREAT DAY!!.

Thank You All!!

Sana Fatima

Thank you so much for being there for me and my family on the momentous occasion of the birth of our son. Switching over from my previous care provider into Dr. Vijaya’s arms (literally) was the best decision we ever made!! I received outstanding support from Dr. Vijaya who brings a rare kind of passion to her practice.

Crystal, with her ever-smiling demeanour was such a huge help to have around.

Thanks to Vijaya Kumari sister, for all the breastfeeding support.

Shivani Vallanki & Manish Mendiratta

Dr. Vijaya’s passion moved me; I could have never gone for natural delivery without her support. My labor has been a spiritual experience for me and my husband and I will be always grateful for her unconditional support. I want to thank Smitha for her extraordinary support, confidence and skills which surpass her age.

Shraddha Pravin

I really thank Dr. Vijaya and her team for being very supportive through out my pregnancy and during my labor. I still remember how I was holding her hand tight throughout my labor and the kind of support she was providing was spellbinding. My Dad was not at all worried about me as he told my Mom “I’m not worried about our daughter as I’m very sure she is in safe hands”

Rupa Reddy Amanna

We are very fortunate to have met Dr. Vijaya at the right time when we were looking for normal delivery for our second child after a previous c-section. The support given by Dr. Vijaya and her team was tremendous, which helped in our baby being born naturally. We thank everyone at Healthy Mother and would definitely spread the word about you.

Sreekanya and Kishan Kumar

We would like to thank the entire team of Healthy Mother for giving me the opportunity of giving birth to our son naturally, on my own. The entire experience, right from the Lamaze classes, my prenatal checkups and your support during my labor was simply the best I could have anywhere. We never thought it would be such an amazing and empowering experience. Dr. Vijaya and Marianne – your help and support is priceless and you guys are wonderful people. Thanks for being part of one of the best phases of our life.

Sonal and Mayur Dharod

Thank you for the wonderful care and support. Despite not getting the natural birth I came here for, this has been my best birthing experience. The emotional and personal support and commitment of Dr. Vijaya and Marianne is what distinguished this birth experience from my previous ones.

I was also pleased and very satisfied with Swapna’s commitment and support. I thank you all very much for supporting my desire and Wish you all the very best.

Tahiba Rahman and Basel Siddiquee

The birth of our baby at the Healthy Mother Birthing Center was a fantastic experience for us, and a dream come true. Dr. Vijaya and Marianne helped make our wishes of a natural birth come true. Thank you very much!! Swapna is very dedicated, committed, prompt, helpful and supportive. Balamani also was a great support for us and was very helpful.

Words aren’t enough to describe the experience, knowledge, support, commitment, dedication and passion of Dr. Vijaya and Marianne’s absolute support to me during labor, and their encouragement and motivation that helped me give birth to my baby naturally.

Thank you very much for this memory of a lifetime!!

Leena and Gerald Issac

We are first-time parents and the preparation and guidance given to us helped us feel completely confident and aware of what needed to be done during labor and childbirth. It was really good having our baby in a normal environment without the feeling of being in a hospital. We felt like parents and not patients.

Thank you Dr. Vijaya, Marianne, and Swapna for making this a most cherished experience.

Tanuja and Rajiv Venkataraman

Dr. Vijaya: Very patient, supportive, and the best person to be with during pregnancy, labor and birth

Maryanne: Was a mother by my side, her subject-matter expertise is outstanding

Swapna: Never made us feel alone. Was always there to help!

Overall, the staff at Healthy Mother provided us with excellent support during this big milestone in our life.

Archana Ramu and Praveen Kumar

The entire Healthy Mother team fulfills the promise of providing a very satisfying level of service at the Birthing Center. One thing that stands out is that everyone in this team is very passionate in their approach. Vijaya, Marianne have been very patient all throughout and open for any questions all the time. The attention and care imparted to both mother and baby was way above expectations.

We are glad that we chose to go the “Healthy Mother” way!! This will go in as one of our most cherished memories / experiences in our lifetime. – thank you for providing us this experience.

Suma and Mahesh Bhat

It was an amazing birthing experience for us at the Healthy Mother Birthing Center. Everyone at the center provided constant care and support during the entire labor process. Shilpi could not have come throuigh so smoothly without Dr. Vijaya during the labor process. Many thanks to Marianne for her support and care and we are extremly greatful for that. All the support staff were great in providing everything that we needed. A MUST for everyone seeking a natural birth

Shilpi and Sriram

The staff at Healthy Mother, especially Dr. Vijaya Krishnan have shown exceptional care and patience during my prenatal as well as birthing stages. More than the highest level of care and patience it was the professional commitment of Dr. Vijaya and her staff that has helped me to have a normal and very empowering delivery. We think coming to Healthy Mother was one of the best decisions we have ever taken.

Thanks for being there and handholding us in our life changing experience.

C. Vanaja and Venugopal Rao

I cannot even start to express how wonderful the whole experience of giving birth to my son was at the Healthy Mother Birthing Center. Right from my pre-conception consultation, through all my prenatal visits and finally to the support I got during my labor and birth of my baby I have got the best care anyone could provide me. Thank you to the whole team of Healthy Mother. YOU ROCK !!!

Deepika and Abhinav Rao

We are very fortunate to have our son born at the Healthy Mother Birthing Center. It has been a rich experience for me to have for the first time, experienced motherhood with the help and support of Erinn, Vijaya and the Healthy Mother staff. We sincerely thank Dr. Vijaya for guiding and providing us with valuable knowledge during our Lamaze classes. Even though we missed her during my labor, the vacuum was ably filled by Erinn with her complete commitment and dedication and handing our “diamond” into our hands.

Swapna and Balamani Amma gave their full support and confidence to us in nursing, and taking care of me, and my baby, something which beyond what we expected.

We are also very happy that ours was the 50th baby born at the Healthy Mother Birthing Center. Best wishes and thank you very much.

R. Udaya Laxmi and Pramode Renugunta

The best thing about having our baby at The Sanctum was that we felt right at home the moment we came here and no other thoughts other than to focus on our little one. The support provided by Vijaya and Erinn was exceptional and without them we definitely could not have pulled through the “exxxxtremely” long labor.

Swapna was always very warm and caring and special mention to Balamani amma who always did whatever was asked of her with full heart and a big smile. In all the very beautiful experience of having our baby was made even more wonderful by the homely atmosphere of the Birthing Center.

Reena and Prashanth Iyer

We appreciate the support that Erinn has provided us during the birth of our baby girl. She is an amazing person with a great sense of ownership. Vijaya has been an amazing guide throughout this journey. She and her team are doing yeoman service for expectant parents, and I and Prerna appreciate her support and her whole approach.

Vijaya and Erinn – may your tribe increase !!!

Ashwin and Prerna Raj

Excellent support- the care and support provided by Vijaya, Erinn and support staff is unparalleled. The singlemost important decision we have taken in a long time was to switch to Healthy Mother, and we feel so glad and lucky to have done that. I dont have a single negative thing to point out. On the other hand I want to highlight a few important positive characteristics: – right from our pre-natal appointments you have exhibited great professionalism. We never had to wait, never went back with any of our questions unanswered, or with any concerns. – during and after labor Dr. Vijaya and Erinn were so patient and nice (despite having a long labor). They knew exactly whta they were doing and I thought they were brilliant. – Whatever you are doing, keep it up. I would recommend Healthy Mother to everyone and if / when we decide to have another baby, we will be back, no matter where we are!!

Sonal Raghani and Santosh Kumar

First of all, my sincere thanks to you and Erinn for helping us during our childbirth experience. The gratitude we are feeling for you all is beyond words. Everything was excellent, be it the service, advice or support. Manimala sister was excellent – the support and attention from all your staff was fantastic. We owe a lot to you all.

Silky and Kaushik Gobburi

My son just turned 4 months, and I can’t thank you enough for getting us started on breastfeeding. We could never have managed it without all your help and support. I still feel angry about the poor start we got at the other hospital in the first week before we were able to come see you – nobody told us the fine print on formula before it was too late. From my experience, the effect on the breastfeeding relationship is the single most important reason to attempt a natural, mother and baby-friendly birthing process. Thanks for the wonderful work you do. I feel like grabbing every expectant mom in Hyderabad and telling her to go to Healthy Mother.

Ashima and Tarun Jain

We are very very fortunate to have the opportunity to attend the Lamaze course. It has given us immense confidence and knowledge about childbirth. Knowing about what and how the conventional medical system deals with labor and childbirth was eye-opening. Additionally, it was a fantastically positive experience to be able to birth at the Healthy Mother Birthing Center. Thanks to the support of Vijaya and Erinn, this birthing experience was so empowering. The ambiance is very comforting and home-like. The support staff has been super helpful, and kept the whole place clean and spotless

Aarti Vir and Divakar Goswami

I really liked the way I was cared for during the birth of my baby at the healthy Mother Birthing Center by both Vijaya and Erinn. They made my fears go away and were very supportive throughout my birthing experience. I would recommend Healthy Mother Birthing Center to all my relatives and friends. You guys are doing a great job and you rock. Once again, a big thank you to Vijaya for supporting me throughout, especially during the difficult last stages. Special thanks to Erinn for showing patience in teaching me to nurse my baby. Once again, Dr. Vijaya, you and your staff are the best!!!

Swetha Kunta and Sireesh Boya

The Healthy Mother Lamaze classes were really useful in that they helped remove a lot of the unnecessary fears associated with pregnancy which basically arise due to lack of or improper knowledge.

Reena and Prashanth Iyer

The Healthy Mother Lamaze classes that we attended were extremely informative and helpful. I feel a lot more confident about my ability to go through the process of normal childbirth. I have become more knowledgeable about what will work for me in various circumstances. Thanks much for organizing these classes and providing an opportunity for us to become better informed.

Anju and Arun Arora

Dr. Vijaya – The Healthy Mother Birthing Center care is so excellent that anyone will appreciate the “magical” work that you are doing. The amount of patience that you have with laboring mothers is unbelievable. The room ambiance and interiors are so sweet and pleasant even though they are simple. Dr Vijaya – your excellent support by continuously taking care of Bhagya cant be expressed in words, but I can only tell you “THANK YOU VERY MUCH”. It is only because of your care that Bhagya could go in for a normal birth, when even we had given hope after a long labor. If we go for a second child, it will be in your birthing center only. Erinn – Your caring attitude during Bhagya’s labor is truly appreciated. At the end of labor the way you facilitated mother to give birth to our baby was so good that I became speechless when I could hold my baby in my arms. Please give our thanks to Swapna for being a great help and big support after delivery. Finally, “THANKS AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK”

Bhagya and Sheshagiri

I am extremely satisfied with the care that was provided to me and my twin babies at Healthy Mother Birthing Center. When we had met Dr Vijaya, she told us that a birthing experience is one of those special moments which leaves an imprint for the rest of one’s life. After a two day long labor and delivery, I cannot agree more. Despite the ups and downs of the entire 9 months and labor, I remember it as a beautiful experience in which I delivered two little angels normally. Many people have asked me this, “Twins, normal delivery? Lucky!” I pass on the credit to Dr Vijaya, Erinn, Dr Jayanthi and the entire team at Healthy Mother. Dr Vijaya has been a friend, who not only put her 110 per cent in my case, but was always encouraging, extended full support before, during and after delivery and had the patience of answering all my questions, all the time. I have bugged her like anything. But thank you Dr Vijaya for giving us the time, genuine advice and helping us get through the difficult time of pregnancy and delivery, and for still being there. Talking to you and sharing my fears with you has given me a lot of strength at time when I really needed it. I cannot fully express the level of respect and gratitude I have for you. Being at Healthy Mother Birthing Center has truly been a rewarding experience.

Priyanka (TCS) and Rishi Khurana (JDA)

Dr. Vijaya and Erinn are thorough professionals and possess all the qualities required for their job. Both are excellent human beings, having lots of empathy and kindness towards mothers and their families. I am very thankful to both of them for making our childbirth experience at the Healthy Mother Birthing Center very comfortable. They have taken care of Harleen and our baby very well. Their attitude towards their care is very holistic and full of optimism. I really liked their style of working. In addition, I would like to thank the other staff members of Healthy Mother, especially Swapna, for their help during our stay.

A. Sireesha

Thanks to the coaching, support and guidance provided by Dr. Vijaya and team at Healthy Mother, my pregnancy has been very pleasurable and memorable, and free from worries. It was a truly wonderful experience for both of us. We sincerely hope that you expand your model of care at Healthy Mother and at your Birthing Center to many more locations so that other expecting parents can also benefit and truly enjoy parenthood. …..Best wishes and thank you

Savita Guleria Arora and Vipul Arora

Each and every staff member at the Healthy Mother Birthing Center, The Sanctum, helped a lot throughout my pregnancy and during my labor. In fact there were times during my pregnancy when I used to get depressed because of my health and my baby’s health. Dr. Vijaya and Erinn motivated me a lot during this time. I cannot imagine that I could given birth to my baby naturally without the presence of Dr. Vijaya and Erinn. I will be always thankful to both of them. All members of the Healthy Mother staff were also very helpful, including Balamani Amma, who took care of me after my delivery like my grandmother.

Swathi Kandru and Nageswar Rao

Being at the Healthy Mother Birthing Center was almost like giving birth at home. The care and support that Dr. Vijaya, Erinn and the staff provided was exceptional. I really appreciate their motivation, and passion for the work they are doing. Their focus on natural birth is really commendable. We felt we were amongst our family members when Abhilasha was in labor and gave birth to our baby boy.

Abhilasha Thakur and Dinesh Singh

I have no words to really express how much support I got from everyone at Healthy Mother during the birth of my baby girl. My whole journey throughout pregnancy, and labor has been very special and exciting – something that I am sure I would not have got anywhere else. I and Venu along with our cute baby girl Anshu, thank everyone at Healthy Mother in every way. I would personally encourage new moms to come to Healthy Mother. Being a mom at Healthy Mother has created unlimited confidence in me as a woman. Thanking you wholeheartedly!!

Raman Kumari and Venu Madhav Vuppala

We are very happy that we made the effort to come to The Sanctum, Hyderabad from Bangalore. Keep up the good work and may the Birthing Center grow rapidly. It was a great healing experience for all of us. (note: Please click on Rajni and Mr. Subbakrishna’s video testimonial in the Gallery Section)

Rajni and Subbakrishna Rao

The practical knowledge that we gained during the course is very useful. The breathing, relaxation techniques and positions really helped me manage my anxieties, and pain all throughout my pregnancy. It was a pleasure interacting with a well-informed doctor like Dr. Vijaya. The course surpassed all our expectations. Thanks a lot for everything!!

Payal and Ritesh Agarwal

We are now more confident to go through a drug-free labor. Glad to have gained the knowledge – we are wiser now than before even though I used to use the net all the time

Sneha and Ranjan

We thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel so much more confident about the entire process of giving birth. We are trying to enjoying the experience and not just focus on the outcome. We are also more prepared to ask our doctors about the delivery and discuss our options. My partner and I feel we are into this ‘together’ now and that both of us have equally important roles to play. Thanks for making this a unique and memorable experience.

Aarti and Vamsi

What we enjoyed the most about the classes was the opportunity to interact with others in similar situations, and Dr. Vijaya’s tirelessness in answering our questions. We also appreciated the feedback given by previous participants in the Lamaze sessions who had given birth at the Healthy Mother Birthing Center. Their testimonials reinforced our belief that we had come to the right place. The classes were very informative and boosted our confidence level for a natural birth. We have shifted from thought process of “I think I can” to “I know I can” We are very glad and happy to be a part of this course.

Aruna and Aravind

This is a wonderful experience that I had by taking up these classes. My confidence level has improved and I think I am confident to handle the labour process. I definitely recommend every pregnant woman to undergo the Healthy Mother classes which will empower them to handle pregnancy in a better and more enjoyable manner.

Narmada and Sreedhar

Thanks for all the info you have provided us with. It was great to attend all the classes. We had lot of fun during the classes. It was great company of all the couples. Vijaya, you were all committed to provide us with all the information that we need. Infact you have provided us with more than what would have been provided by any other doctor. We felt the class homely.

Humera and Aleem

When I knew I was expecting, I was very tense about childbirth and labor. I had instructed my sister, who is a doctor to give me Epidural pain medication and felt c-section was better since it is done in 30 – 40 minutes. When I joined the Healthy Mother classes I informed Dr. Vijaya of my fears. As the classes progressed the techniques taught in the classes have made me confident and have prepared me for the “big day”. I feel it better to be prepared when you are running a marathon than just giving it a shot. I recommend these classes to all moms, especially first-time moms, since one can resolve myths about childbirth and labor and become more confident about handling labor and birth.

Pooja Kumar

We are immensely thankful to Dr Vijaya Krishnan for making this experience a pleasure. From the first meeting I was convinced that we have come to the right place. She was willing to answer all the queries Raji had and went beyond what we expected her to do for us. Since my wife had to go to Chennai we had fewer sessions with Dr. Vijaya. Even when we were in Chennai instead of us enquiring she used to call my wife and address her queries. She has made the delivery of our first child as a cherished moment for us and she continues to be in touch with my wife to advise her on the post birth activities. Thanks a lot Doctor. I would recommend all the would be father?s to take their wives to the session.

Rajeshwari and Sathish

I felt very fortunate to have been able to attend the Healthy Mother childbirth education class – that it was available in Hyderabad. I would highly recommend this course to any expecting couple. I particularly appreciated that information was presented from a point of view of promoting natural childbirth for most women, yet the course was also practical and pragmatic – alerting me to the situations I may have to face once in the hospital or in the event of a true emergency. And importantly, the course was taught in an engaging and fun way – I very much enjoyed it. Thank You!! I commend the work of Dr. Vijaya Krishnan and her colleagues with prospective parents.Her energy and dedication are inspirational!

Karuna Morarji and Vinish Gupta (IIIT)

We wish to express many thanks to Dr. Vijaya for being very supportive, dedicated, caring and overall, for giving us confidence during labor. Many thanks to Erinn for staying with us all night and encouraging us during the hourly checkups, suggesting various postures and for being caring. We appreciate the excellent care from the doctors and nurses at Healthy Mother Birthing Center. The Healthy Mother Lamaze classes that we attended helped us a lot. Support given to Gayatri after delivery was very good and the dedication of the staff while she was in labor was excellent.

Gayatri and Jagdish Nadimpalli

The birth of one’s child always brings along joy and happiness not only to mother and father, but also to other family members as well. We will always cherish the birth of our baby girl at the Healthy Mother Birthing Center – The Sanctum, because of the care and attention I got from everyone. I will always lack the words to thank Dr. Vijaya for beig there the entire time. I know that without her I would not have given birth to my daughter normally.

Thanks to the staff of The Sanctum for the post delivery care shown to me and my baby. Hats Off to your entire team. Keep up the good Work!!

Varsha and Basavraj Patil

First of all, I made the right choice by coming to Healthy Mother and had a better than expected experience at The Sanctum, Birthing Center. The support I got from the staff at the birthing center, especially from Dr. Vijaya and Udaya was truly exceptional all throughout my labor. The care and support I got from the nurses and Dr. Rekha after my baby was born naturally helped me to recover really quickly. Balamani Amma took really good care of me during my entire stay at the birthing center. Post-delivery support from Dr. Vijaya is helping me take good care of myself and my baby.

Padmaja and Obi Reddy Bomanna (TCS)

Our entire family is very satisfied by the support shown by the staff of Healthy Mother and I wish they would continue to support future mothers and babies in the same manner. Special thanks to Dr. Rekha for her caring support. May God bless you all for the kind of service you provide mothers at the time when they need the most. We loved the privacy given to us and the care shown to us during the birth of our baby girl. Dr. Vijaya’s continuous support all throughout Bharathi’s labor was instrumental in helping her give birth normally. For non-stop 6 hours Dr. Vijaya was at Bharathi’s side, encouraging her, massaging her back, and motivating her that she can do it. We thank her from the bottom of our hearts for all the efforts that she put in for us. We had also attended the Healthy Mother Lamaze classes, and I can say that all the exercises and positions really help even during labor.

Bharathi Radha and A. Sundararajan

Overall I am very happy with my birthing experience at the Healthy Mother Birthing Center, The Sanctum. The atmosphere was relaxed and yet always positive and supportive. I was never led to lose confidence in my ability to give birth on my own and to handle the pain. Dr. Vijaya in particular and Dr. Jayanthi and Dr. Rekha helped reinforce this confidence throughout my labor. The emotional and physical support provided by Dr. Vijaya and being mobile throughout labor were crucial for me – I cant imagine how it would have been without! I was able to stick with my conviction that “I can do this” and being with Dr. Vijaya and her staff, never did I ever doubt my body’s ability to give birth naturally. After my baby boy was born, holding him immediately close to me was a feeling of exhilaration, and amazement at what I have accomplished.

My husband was particularly happy that he was encouraged to be an active participant at every stage of the birthing experience. Much thanks for everything!!

Karuna Morarji and Vinish Gupta

My experience with Healthy Mother and The Sanctum has been an invaluable one. One that started three months ago but I know and feel from my heart that it will be a long lasting one. The nurses and staff are very attentive and sweet. Udaya, Swapna and Balamani Ayamma are someone who I think convey the Healthy Mother concept of compassion, care and personal attention so well. I would definitely recommend this experience to everyone.

Dr. Vijaya Krishnan and Mr. Krishnan are doing a wonderful job and Amit and I have created a great rapport with them. I am sure they have that attitude with everyone of their mothers and their families. I would like my daughter to to get to know Dr. Vijaya as the person who helped bring her into the world. Our special thanks and unending gratitude to Dr. Rekha and Dr. Jayanthi.

Neeta and Amit Rajaram

This is our first baby, but could not have imagined it to be as it was with Dr. Vijaya and her staff @The Sanctum. Apart from being a good labor support person she is a great human being with high patience level. Being the first parent at the Healthy Mother Natural Birthing Center, The Sanctum, we are proud to be associated with the organization.

The nurses and care providers have done a brilliant job without whose affection and caring my post-delivery experience would not have been so smooth. Hats Off to the ladies for their care. If we have a second baby, we know where to come…..

Nidhi and Amit Vora

You are far better than anyone else in the city and have gained our satisfaction and trust. We hope you continue showing the same level of empathy, patience, care to your customers in the future as well. We hope that you will not compromise about the high level of care that you are showing to mothers and babies. We wish you great success in the future as well.

We are leaving your place with great satisfaction and thank you from the bottom of our heart for all the love and support that you have shown us during the birth of our baby.

Soumya Neela