November 2018



PAIN TO POWER - MY AMAZING 14 month VBAC JOURNEY. BEFORE SANCTUM In July 2017, at my 32nd week of pregnancy, suddenly my bag of waters broke at midnight. We rushed to hospital and checkups are done - they told we are going to do C-section to [...]

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October 2018

#SanctumBirthStories: A 4-week Labor of Love


A 4-WEEK LABOR (of LOVE, CONTRACTIONS, TWISTS AND TURNS) BEFORE SANCTUM I had a road accident 3 years ago and had to undergo a plastic surgery on forehead, 2 fractures in the cervical area of spine. I was robed by the attendent in the ambulance, and later [...]

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#SanctumBirthStories – VBAC with Gestational Diabetes


Gestational Diabetes in First Pregnancy This is the #BirthStory of a mom who had a VBAC with Gestational Diabetes. She says that she came to know about us from her colleague, just after the birth of her first daughter, 6 years ago. In that pregnancy, she was induced with a [...]

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