October 2018

#SanctumBirthStories: A 4-week Labor of Love


A 4-WEEK LABOR (of LOVE, CONTRACTIONS, TWISTS AND TURNS) BEFORE SANCTUM I had a road accident 3 years ago and had to undergo a plastic surgery on forehead, 2 fractures in the cervical area of spine. I was robed by the attendent in the ambulance, and later [...]

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#SanctumBirthStories – VBAC with Gestational Diabetes


Gestational Diabetes in First Pregnancy This is the #BirthStory of a mom who had a VBAC with Gestational Diabetes. She says that she came to know about us from her colleague, just after the birth of her first daughter, 6 years ago. In that pregnancy, she was induced with a [...]

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September 2018

What expecting mothers want from their hospitals and care providers


What Mothers Want? - Top expectations pregnant mothers tell us about What Women Want: A Positive Birth Experience AND A Safe and Healthy Birth In India today, in many urban hospitals, interventions and Cesarean rates are at 80 to 90%. The scale is heavily tipped towards the hospitals and [...]

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