Anemia in Pregnancy – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What you should know about Anemia

• at least 50% of India’s pregnant women are anemic; about 46% of urban women and 52% of rural women
• Telangana reports about 58% of pregnant women attending RHTC are iron deficient anemic
• Being vegetarian can double the likelihood a woman is IDA
• Education level and wealth index effect likelihood of IDA, but being wealthy and educated don’t completely protect anyone – only health eating can.

How does lack of Iron affect mothers during pregnancy?

• 20% of maternal deaths are due to anemia
• IDA can create excess fatigue and weakness, headaches, leg cramps, vertigo, paleness, a form of pika, and redness/swolleness and cracking around the mouth in pregnant women
• IDA mother’s are more likely to birth IDA babies who can have less than half of the needed iron stores
• Babies from IDA mothers are more prone to growth restriction (smaller and lighter babies), cognitive impairments, shorter gestational period and later more prone to infection due to impaired immune functioning.
• Mother’s with IDA postpartum are at higher risk for needing a blood transfusion, cardiac stress, prolonged hospital stay, and decreased milk production.

What can you do to prevent or treat Anemia?

Best diet to prevent or cure Anemia

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