About Healthy Mother

Healthy Mother LogoHealthy Mother® is the pioneer and India’s most valued provider of maternity and wellness services to women, based on Scientific Midwifery Model of Care. Led by Dr. Vijaya Krishnan, India’s only US Certified Midwife, we  are the only Natural Birth Center in India offering Scientific Midwifery services to expecting and new mothers backed by 24-hr in-house emergency care and OB/Gyn backup support.

Healthy Mother Sanctum, Natural Birth Center

Our Natural Birth Center, The Sanctum® is one of a kind in India. Expecting mothers consider The Sanctum® to be an extension of their home, and not a hospital. The care they receive during their pregnancy and birth of their baby make them feel they are among their own family. The midwives and staff at Healthy Mother believe that every expecting mother has the right to give birth to her baby safely, in the manner SHE wants, without being pressured by her doctors or hospital to undergo a cesarean or unnecessary procedures.

The WellMom Lounge

We offer Wellness Services to expecting mothers and new mothers and also services in general Women’s Health. The WellMom Lounge® is a home-like environment where expecting mothers and new mothers can find enriching company of other expecting and new moms and find support and encouragement from each others’ experiences. The WellMom Lounge® offers services like Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, Prenatal and Postnatal Massage and Spa services, Lactation counseling, and Lamaze Childbirth Education classes. We host Baby Showers and Mom-to-Mom meets in addition to conducting Workshops on relevant topics in pregnancy and new motherhood.

WellKids Center

The WellKids Center is the result of Healthy Mother founders’ belief that a mother and her baby are one holistic unit and babies, infants and toddlers too need the nurturing, emotional and holistic care in addition to physical well being. True to that belief, The WellKids Center is a nurturing activity place for moms and babies, infants and toddlers, full of fun, learning and bonding, unlike daycare centers or other activity centers. The environment is holistic, one that sparks creativity from within and allows kids to be sensitive, caring, responsible individuals and to imbibe the right value system that will help them become good citizens.

Watch this video of Healthy Mother founders as they describe how they started and what is their vision for Healthy Mother is.



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