VBAC – Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

Many women struggle with the following questions and frustrations:

I had a previous C-Section in a hospital but would very much want to have an empowering Natural Birth this time

My previous care provider did not allow my labor to progress even though I was doing fine

I really did not know the reason why my care providers were convincing me to undergo C-Section

I was frightened when my care providers told me fluid levels were low and baby would be harmed. So I agreed for a C-Section

My care providers told me I had a “Big Baby” and so I would not be able to have a Normal Delivery

I was told I was overweight so I cannot have a normal delivery

My care providers told my family and me that my baby had cord around the neck and so normal delivery will harm the baby

My husband was told that I was Diabetic so normal delivery was out of the question

And the list goes on. The real truth is that overwhelming majority of women CAN HAVE A NORMAL DELIVERY after a C-Section. Our track record of conducting highest successful VBACs in India is testimony to the fact that with skilled care along with empathetic care providers 95% of women who had previous C-Section can have a VBAC.

A significant number of would be moms choose us because we help mothers have a normal delivery after a previous cesarean or a VBAC. Since 2009 we have been helping 100s of moms wanting a VBAC.

All public health institutions in the world, and also organizations like American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) have themselves recommended that low risk mothers should be allowed the freedom to try for normal delivery, even though they may have had one or even two previous cesareans. Our team of labor support staff and midwives monitor mother and baby while offering 24-hour support and encouragement to mothers.

Mothers who want to try for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After a Cesarean) birth are welcomed and we have even helped mothers have a perfect normal birth after 2 previous cesareans.

VBAC Success Rates

We have the highest VBAC success rates in Hyderabad, and across the country. In fact, we have helped mothers with 2 previous cesareans have a natural birth for their 3rd baby. We also accept so-called “high risk” mothers – those who may have Pregnancy Induced Hypertension, Gestational Diabetes, or Thyroid issues etc, and help them try for normal delivery, something that other hospitals routinely reject for even trying for labor to start. We manage these conditions closely during labor, by being there with the mother as she labors and closely monitoring her and her baby’s condition. The fact that all the emergency infrastructure is available in house, which allows the mother to have the “best of both worlds” and assures her that she can try for normal delivery, knowing that the fallback is always there. Our VBAC success rates are 94% which is the highest across all urban hospitals in India.

For more information about benefit of VBAC and for answers to questions like “Can I have a VBAC”, please download our e-book: 10 Tips for having a successful VBAC.

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