Antenatal Checkups – Trusted, Unbiased Conversations about You and Your Baby

Antenatal Checkups – Trusted, Unbiased Conversations about You and Your Baby

Our Antenatal Checkups are more of a Conversation between family members. We believe expecting couples must be given adequate time to express their concerns in a manner they are most comfortable with, and that we, as care providers must LISTEN with empathy and honesty. We believe it is our honor and privilege that couples choose us to be their care givers during one of the most important phases of their lives.

Therefore, our Antenatal Checkups last for more than an hour…… or as long as couples find assurance and answers to their most pressing questions. We avoid unnecessary tests and interventions during checkups. Emphasis is on good counseling, paying attention to moms physical as well as emotional health, her relationships around her and overall holistic well being, in addition to the progress of her pregnancy and growth of her baby.

While we use appropriate technology as required, we are not slaves of technology. We do not subject moms to numerous tests throughout their pregnancy, as in other places – rather, we believe in unobstrusive means of testing, often feeling baby’s size, growth with our hands and estimating to high degree of accuracy.

Come to us for a visit and you will find we are a world apart from conventional hospitals. At The Sanctum, YOU are the most important person and we make sure you and your baby will receive the best care possible, and where you, as much as we, are part of the care and decision making process. Please fill out the form on the right to let us know how we can help. We will get back to you in 24-hours to fix an appointment to meet with us.

Every Antenatal Care session is Family Centered, unhurried and personalized. The emphasis is on Holistic Care which improves birth outcomes. We provide parents with unbiased, education counseling about how their baby is growing, on Nutrition and Exercise on an individualized basis. Throughout their pregnancy moms receive care and counseling from the Same team of midwives. This promotes familiarity, trust, and closeness between moms and families and their care providers, which helps a great deal during labor and birth. Use of Test, Scans and other interventions is kept at a minimum.

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