Dr. Vijaya Krishnan

How to Calm a Fussy Baby? Part 1

Fussy Baby? Fear Not – Help Is Here:

21 Ways to Calm Your Fussy Baby

It is 7 pm. And you start feeling almost helpless as a new Mommy. Sleepless, nipples sore from breastfeeding constantly, and baby has been fussy and crying for the last 2 hours. You hold the baby, she falls asleep. You put her down, she wakes up. Even if you keep holding her, she gets fussy and looks for a feed. Once at the breast, she falls asleep. You mother, or aunt or grandmother is convinced that you do not have enough milk. However, you know you do. But, you are thinking about last night’s marathon with no sleep and a fussy baby. Your own anxiety is rising, and perhaps a little irritation. You maternal hormones are making you weepy. You just want your baby to give you an hour’s break – Is that too much to ask, you think. Will this baby ever sleep, you wonder. What can you do to help calm a fussy newborn?

As you will inevitably learn, babies cry a lot. Sometimes, the reason is obvious: Baby is hungry, wet, or tired, and wants you to address her needs. Other times, getting the tears to stop is not such a simple process. While no single method works for all babies, you’ll want to develop a repertoire of techniques that’s perfect for your child. In the meantime, read on for some true and tested ideas, with which I have helped hundreds of new mothers to calm their fussy babies and make them feel a little better: