WellKids by Healthy Mother is a nurturing activity center for kids in the age group of 6 months to 6 years. Healthy Mother is cherished by moms for the kind of empathetic care they received during their pregnancy and childbirth. For the same reason moms choose to come to Healthy Mother for activities involving their kids. WellKids is the platform that provides holistic, nurturing, intellectually stimulating activities for kids, while fully involving moms. We passionately believe that mom and baby for a holistic unit, and therefore all our activities are mom-led and mom-approved.

Here is what we offer at WellKids
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Inspiring, value-driven story telling sessions which help in creating good character in children

The World Around Us

Interactive exposure to many of nature's marvels and scientific phenomenon.

Performance Arts

Unleashing children's creativity and articulation skills via individual and team-based performing arts