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As kids we never ceased to be fascinated by the world around us. Nature, in all its manifestations, big and small, had something that filled our minds with wonder – only if we slowed down from our fast paced daily activities to observe.

Todays kids are growing up in an environment which affords them very little opportunity to connect with nature. With TV, Video Games on a variety of devices ranging from phones to tablets, becoming virtual companions to them, kids are so devoid of exposure to the intricate designs of nature in its different forms that they are becoming technological robots.

[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]At WellKids we passionately believe that kids need to be nurtured. They need to be connected to nature and its creations. That is what will create more balanced individuals when they grow up….. We believe exposure to nature, its manifestations around us will create individuals who are more sensitive to the world around us, who will grow up be more responsible and caring.

We organize play sessions with pet animals like puppies, kittens, fishes, etc where kids can learn about them and know more about caring for them. We expose kids to the wonders of natural phenomena using a mix of audi-visual technology as well as other aids. Through these activities we provide important learnings that kids can internalize and from which they can benefit.

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