Preconception Counseling – How I wish to hear the pitter patter of little feet!

Preconception Counseling

We help couples who are planning to start a family learn about what things they can do in advance to create an optimal environment for a healthy conception. For couples who are not able to conceive we offer counseling sessions which are non interventional and avoid unnecessary tests. We talk to you in order to learn about your lifestyle, diet, physical activity or any emotional stress that may be preventing you from conceiving and work with you to gently to overcome any hurdles. Our counseling sessions include:

  • A thorough medical history including any past obstetric history
  • Education on nutrition and diet which prepares your body to support your baby and build your immune system
  • Fertility Awareness – tracking your cycles and becoming aware when you are most likely to conceive
  • Counseling regarding healthy weight management and exercise
  • Advising on any supplements such Folic Acid
  • Counseling on PAP Smears and any testing that may be required
  • Prescribing blood tests and other diagnostic measures to optimize your fertility health

Check out some essential Tips for what steps you can take to increase your chances for conceiving and download the e-book.

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