The Sanctum – 2018 Birth Statistics

What does gentle MotherBaby Centric Collaborative Model of Care look like at Healthy Mother? While birth stories, advocacy, knowledge sharing and testimonials are all important in helping mothers-to-be and fathers-to-be understand the immense beauty and safety of physiologic, natural birth, it is equally important to put out birth statistics.

The Sanctum Natural Birth Center is a Premium free-standing Birth Center. It is not attached to any hospital, but has all the emergency infrastructure like a fully equipped operating theatre, a Level 1 NICU, a Lab and a Pharmacy, all Inhouse. And, after 8 years of providing our One-of-a-kind Collaborative Model of Care, our main Obstetrician, Dr. Jayanthi Reddy, is a full time partner at our Birth Center.

What makes the Sanctum different from the average free-standing birth centers one might see in other developed countries? The key difference is that though midwives run birth centers, they are restricted to taking on only low-risk clients because they do not have the skills, facilities or backup required to manage clients with complex needs or complications. Obstetricians in hospitals have that skill and facilities to do so. At The Sanctum, we can welcome and assist clients with more complex needs. This includes women with Twins, Gestational Diabetes, Gestational Hypertension, Breech Babies, etc., because we have full 24×7 support of our Backup Obstetricians, Physicians, and Paediatricians onsite if the need arises.

However, our focus continues to be to provide excellent MotherBaby Care to the normal, low-risk mother, who has the best chance of having a natural birth with Professional Midwives, following the Midwifery Model of Care.

Here is the data behind our Birth Statisics:

Cumulative 952 births so far till January 2019

  • 92% Natural Birth Rates
  • 8 % C-section rate
  • 91% VBAC (vaginal birth after a previous C-Section) success rate
  • 8 women have a successful VBA2C (a vaginal birth after 2 previous C-sections)
  • 9 sets of twins have been born naturally
  • 100% Breastfeeding rates at discharge and 6 weeks postpartum

January 2018 to December 2018:

  • 185 babies were born
  • 91.3% were normal deliveries(overall C-section rate of 8.7%)
  • Ist Time Mothers: Total Number – 134
    Natural Birth – 124
    Normal Delivery Rate: 92.53%
    Primary C-section: 7.5%
  • VBAC Success Rate – 88%
  • VBA2C Success Rate – 100% (Vaginal Birth after 2 C-sections)
  • 2VBAC Success Rate: 100% (2nd vaginal birth after 1st C-section)
  • Twins – One set born naturally to a first time Mamma (despite 1st twin being breech, and developing PIH in labor)

Data about the 10 primary C-sections:

  • Four first time mothers with Breech; One of them tried for a breech vaginal birth, but with non-progressing labor for many hours, decided to go in for a C-section. The other 3 Mammas had breech babies with complex needs: one with PIH (Pregnancy Induced Hypertension) and IUGR, one with oligohydramnios, and one with oligohydramnios and fetal distress.
  • One mother with severe PIH (Pregnancy Induced Hypertension) and twins, with the first twin being breech at 41 weeks complete.
  • One mother with severe PIH with and very slow labor progression; blood pressure uncontrolled despite medications
  • One mother with Complete Placenta Previa
  • One mother with unremitting fever in labor, and very slow labor progression, finally with meconium and signs of fetal distress
  • Only two mothers with no other complex factors, needed to have a primary C-section, for failure to progress or arrest of descent during pushing. This amounts to a 0.015% C-section rate in mothers without complex needs!! Birth works!


Data about Complex needs Mothers that we served, who were able to have a normal delivery:

  • 7 mothers with oligohydramnios
  • 10 mothers with gestational diabetes (2 of whom also had a successful VBAC)
  • 11 mothers with PIH (gestational hypertension) – one of them had a successful 2VBAC
  • 1 mother with polyhydramnios
  • 1 mother with Rheumatoid arthritis on medications
  • 2 mothers with IVF conceptions
  • 1 mother who developed a brain tumor during pregnancy and needed a craniotomy for removal
  • 1 mother with clinical anxiety on medications

Our collaborative model of care works. We have an amazing team of Nurses (who we have cross-trained to provide excellent labor support), Midwives who have education, training and experience in providing excellent Maternity Care – antenatal, birth and postpartum care – so that the mothers, babies and families receive excellent 100% Continuity of Care, Ayammas who provide MotherBaby Care from the heart, as much as with their hands, Physiotherapist, Prenatal Yoga Instructor, and Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators who teach with unparalleled passion and energy, to help women have a safe and healthy childbirth experience. Of course, our team of back-up OB/Gyns , On Call Anesthetists, Physician, and Pediatrician excel in their respective roles, to provide well-rounded comprehensive care for both the Mother and her Baby, as per their individual needs.

Of course, all of this happens because mothers and their families want access to good evidence-based, respectful, informed, transparent maternity care. We are really thankful for excellent back-up obstetrical care, even though we very rarely need it. Just knowing that excellent Collaborative Care is available, also allows for the Mother to birth her baby without fear.

We are thankful to all the families who continue to place trust in our care, and for our entire team who provide compassionate, empathetic, respectful and safe maternity care round-the-clock with their hearts and hands!

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