Postnatal Exercise

[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]Our Postnatal Fitness and Exercise programs aim to help new mothers regain fitness, strength and muscle tone while losing weight.

WellMom Postnatal Fitness

Postnatal Fitness, Conditioning and Weight Loss

The program covers the following broad topics:

  • Core abdominal strengthening and toning
  • Back care and back muscle strengthening
  • Stretching and flexibility
  • Specific exercises to strengthen and tone hip, legs and thighs
  • Assessment of any pain or discomfort after birth and relief measures
  • Creation of appropriate aerobic activity plans to facilitate weight loss
  • Counseling on nutrition and wellness strategy
  • Mother-baby fun-filled exercise session (if baby accompanies mother)

Our Postnatal Fitness and Exercise Programs concentrate on helping you get your “pre-baby” body back in a safe, healthy and smooth manner. It is relevant to note that during pregnancy and childbirth women’s bodies undergo tremendous transformation in internal strength that they become athletes, if they are not already one.

There is a 50% increase in blood volume, which is required to produce increased oxygen in order to create and nurture another human being inside them. In addition, women find in themselves incredible strength to undergo labor and to push the baby out. Therefore, ever woman wil be able to work in order to regain her shape after childbirth.

Typical Post Pregnancy Conditioning and Weight Loss Program consists of some easy, yet very helpful circuit training exercises which are mentioned below. Each exercise lasts only for 45 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of rest. Each exercise must be repeated 3 times. The entire set of six exercises should be repeated 2 times more, giving a total of 3 rounds of the circuit. Women who do these exercises 3 times a week will benefit the most.

The February WellMom Mom2Mom Meet will focus on our newly introduced Postnatal Abs Training, Muscle Conditioning and Weight Loss Circuit program.

Our Postnatal Exercise experts will also counsel you on some of the most common issues women face after their pregnancy – Diastesis Rectis, a condition caused by the separation of two parallel bands of muscles which normally meet at the base of the abdomen. Researchers have found that two-thirds of all pregnant women have the separation and more than 50% experience greater than 2.5 finger width gap between the muscles. See more information about our Post Pregnancy Physiotherapy services.

Give us a call at 78930 68666 if you are interested in attending the Postnatal Fitness program.

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