Natural Birth

We are the only maternity and newborn care institution in India which exclusively specializes in offering Natural Birth services to expecting mothers. This is because the foundation of our care model is the Scientific Midwifery Model which emphasizes on the mother’s inherent strength and ability to give birth to er baby on her own with continuous support from her team of scientifically trained midwives. The Midwifery Model of Care is practiced across 21 countries in Europe, in the UK, in 28 states of the US and in all the countries of Scandanavia with very high natural birth rates and very good birth outcomes for mothers and babies.

We offer 24-hour continuous labor support at the Healthy Mother SanctumTM once you are admitted and labor is established. We do not use unnecessary medical interventions, and use hands-on skills and comfort techniques to help you manage labor pain. Our Scientific Midwifery Model of Care is based on proven medical research and practice, combined with respect and empathy for the mother and her baby. We recognize mother’s body knows best how to give birth and support her each and every moment of her labor and childbirth process. One of the more popular facilities used by our mothers is the Water tub, where we conduct Water Births, and which is one of our areas of expertise. We have had Water Births since 2009 and are one of the earliest Birth Centers to successfully conduct water births in India.

We recognize that every mother’s needs in labor completely unique to herself and her pregnancy. Therefore the support during pregnancy and labor that you receive is tailor-made to suit your needs, your concerns and preferences. We welcome your husband/partner/family to support you during labor. Many women, after laboring in the Hydrotherapy tub will also choose to give birth there. As long as you and your baby are well, you will be helped, supported and monitored on an individual basis, so that you can have the best Natural Birth experience as possible.

However, we recognize that complications do occur, and interventions, though rare in our case, are required for the sake of mother’s or baby’s health. It is important for you, as parents wanting natural birth to ensure that your care provider has thought of all these aspects. Therefore, we have built in the same premises, an emergency care infrastructure consisting of appropriate Operation Theaters, NICU etc and 24×7 backup OB/Gyn support under the same roof so that you can receive seamless continuity of care while maintaining safety for you and your baby. This Collaborative Model of Care is unique to us and we are the only institution offering this service in India.

Our Natural Birth rates are 92.6%, which is the highest across any urban hospital in India

Come for an initial discussion to our Birth Center by prior appointment. Tell us about yourself by filling the Contact Form at the Top of this page. You can also view some of the Testimonials and Birth Stories of mothers and dads who chose to birth with us.

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