Healthy Mother Lamaze Childbirth Classes

LAMAZE CLASSThe Healthy Mother Lamaze Childbirth Classes are meant for parents in their 2nd & 3rd trimesters of pregnancy.  It aims to give them the skills and knowledge to cope with various aspects of labor and childbirth, thereby helping them to be informed and confident.. The focus is to teach women what to do in order that they may facilitate a NORMAL CHILDBIRTH. The program will be conducted in a small group and will enable parents to share their thoughts and experiences with other couples as well.

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Program Highlights

  • Things that you can do to facilitate Natural Birth
  • Baby’s growth during the last 2 trimesters
  • Monitoring your baby’s movements
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • How to choose the right hospital and doctor who will support your wish for normal delivery
  • Exercises and breathing techniques to keep you fit and to help labor progress more easily
  • How to relieve backache and cope with pain during labor WITHOUT using Epidural and other drugs
  • Spouse / family roles during support during pregnancy and labor; Dad’s role during birth
  • Common (unnecessary) interventions which steer you towards c-sections
  • Breastfeeding your newborn with confidence
  • Caring for your newborn – what are myths and what are the facts
  • Post partum care for mother
  • Infant massage / Bathing your baby
  • Complete labor rehearsal
  • Videos / stories

The Video below shows how so many expecting mothers and dads have became knowledgeable and therefore confident of giving birth naturally and become informed parents after attending the Healthy Mother Lamaze classes

Our goal is to help you gain confidence in your body’s ability to give birth naturally.
Classes are held on a continuous basis at many locations. Please contact us for details.

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City Venue Date
Hyderabad Kavuri Hills Feb 18, 2017
Pune Kothrud Contact Us


Please call +9178930 68666 for dates for the next batch

Please Contact us for registration and program details as seats are limited

The above certified Lamaze classes are brought to you by an expert team led by Dr. Vijaya Krishnan, who is the foremost Lamaze teacher in India, having been practicing Lamaze teaching for over 10 years in both the US and India. She is the only person in India to be invited by Lamaze International to their annual conference and awarded the title of Fellow of the Academy of Accredited Childbirth Educators. She is the only person in India who trains aspiring Lamaze teachers to become committed, motivated childbirth educators under Lamaze International program.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding pregnancy or new motherhood. refer to our FAQ section.

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