Healthy Mother Midwifery Model of Care

[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]Modern, Scientific Midwifery care is based on belief that expecting mother’s emotional well being is as important as her physical wellbeing. The Science of Modern Modern Midwifery respects the mother’s (and her husband’s) ability and right to make informed choices for herself and her baby. Midwives consider birth as a healthy, normal event and are experts in Normal Birth. They combine traditional skills with modern medical science in order to safeguard the process of normal birth. They avoid unnecessary technological interventions such as induction etc, but are well trained and capable of recognizing when there is a true emergency and when such interventions are required to save the health of mother or baby. Finally, Midwifery is Safe, Evidence-based Care. The World Health Organization supports the practice of Scientific Midwifery as the most optimal care model for 95% of low risk expecting mothers.

The Midwives of Healthy Mother Natural Birth Center, The Sanctum, like midwives around the world have extremely positive Natural Birth outcomes among our babies. Some key aspects are as follows:

  • Nearly 85% Natural Birth rate since our inception in 2009, even for mothers who are considered “high risk” by other hospitals..
  • Extremly low percentage of babies with low birth weights
  • Extremly low use of Epidurals or Induction
  • Extremely low c-section and other adverse maternal or fetal outcomes.
  • Episiotomy rates of 1% compared to nearly 100% in most hospitals in India.

Our trained midwives recognize that every mother and baby have their own needs and care of each on an individual, personal level. Our midwives also recognize that every mother (and father) has the right to experience what is probably the most profound moment of her life – when she gives birth to her baby, on her own, supported by her midwife, who is caring, knowledgeable, patient, and trusting, helped by her husband/partner, present beside her, encouraging her, and being one with her in this moment. Our mothers and babies are happy and healthy individuals, cherish their experience with Healthy Mother, and consider us as a lifelong part of their family. We believe it is the Healthy Mother Midwifery Model of Care that provides mothers the opportunity and freedom to experience this.

We recognize that the Obstetric Medical Model can be a life saver when there is an emergency and where the health of mother or baby is in question. But absent that we, and countless other evidence-based research say that birth is a normal life process where the mother’s body has been perfected by nature for thousands of years to give birth. The physiology of birth ensures that at different stages of labor and childbirth, the mother and baby work together in an amazing “jugalbandhi” to ensure the cycle of birth starts, progresses and reaches its climax in a moment which is amazing and incredibly empowering for the mother, father, her family and her midwives.

We have created a very unique Collaborative model which follows the holistic, evidence-based care of the Scientific Midwifery Model under all normal situations during pregnancy, labor and childbirth, and at the same time, provides immediate access to Obstetric Emergency Care to mothers and babies within the same premises when an emergency arises. This availability of Obstetric Emergency Care along with the Holistic Midwifery Care gives to mothers (and even high risk mothers) the freedom and confidence to choose natural birth for as long as they and their baby can. We are the ONLY birth center with this unique model. We assert that these good outcomes are in part because we dedicate ourselves to providing holistic, individualized Prenatal care and Lamaze Childbirth education to our mothers and their families.

In 2013, our Normal Delivery rates were 92%, including mothers who were considered “high risk” such as those with Diabetes, Hypertension and those who were labeled “too old to have a normal delivery”. Our Collaborative Model of Care also allows us to welcome mothers with previous c-sections to go through trial of labor and try for natural birth. About 25% of our mothes are fall under this category – VBAC moms. In 2013, our successful natural birth outcomes with VBAC moms has been 86% – both these numbers are the highest among any urban hospital in India.

If you are an expecting mother, or know someone who is expecting, we would be happy to tell you more about our pioneering care practices.

Call us at 23701666 or 78930 68666 to learn about our pioneering care practices.

If you decide to birth with us, you will discover the strength that mothers possess in bringing life into this world. The Midwives of Healthy Mother are your best support team in this life changing period.

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