Gynecology and Well Woman Care

We welcome women of all ages to our practice for their Gynaecology and Well Woman care. We recommend annual examinations to assist women in maintaining optimal health. We spend a lot of time with women to discuss their health concerns and answer their individual questions. During these visits we thoroughly review your health history and perform a physical exam. Pap Smears and other laboratory tests are performed as indicated. We can also assist you in obtaining other health services such as mammograms as well.

We also offer personalized Family Planning services to couples. We assist you in selecting a birth control method that is safe, effective and tailored to the individual woman’s lifestyle.

We also offer customized Physiotherapy services exclusively for women. These services are meant for all ages of women, from New Mothers to Moms of Toddlers and to older women. Our services are uniquely designed for each woman taking into account her specific needs and problems. Call us at 78930 68666 or fill out the adjacent form to contact us for an appointment.

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