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The Sanctum®,
Natural Birth Center

At The Sanctum® we respect the mother's innate wisdom to give birth to her baby NATURALLY, in a manner she prefers, supported by her midwives and a backup team of medical doctors in case of a clear medical need. She knows she is EMPOWERED, she is CARED FOR, she is CELEBRATED, and she is the CENTER OF OUR CARE UNIVERSE - no wonder, our Natural Birth rates are 92%, the HIGHEST among urban Indian hospitals.
Here ARE ALL THE SERVICES THAT WE Offer at The Sanctum®,
Natural Birth Center

The WellMom Lounge

The WellMom Lounge is warm, embracing environment which caters to the physical and emotional wellness of women, during their Pregnancy, New Motherhood, and Beyond. Hosting a range of services like Yoga, Massage and Spa, Lactation Support, Workshops on Pregnancy Care, Infant Care, Women's Health, etc, the WellMom Lounge promises to women a one-stop source of wellness programs as well as an environment where they can find support, solidarity and camaraderie of other women in similar situations. Moms who choose WellMom Lounge tell us it is like a Mother's Home away from Home....
Here ARE ALL THE SERVICES THAT WE Offer at The WellMom Lounge

    WellKids by Healthy Mother

    At Healthy Mother we believe in the philosophy that in the initial years mother plays a vital role in nurturing a child's social, emotional, intellectual and physical strengths in the age group 6 months to 6 years. In all these services we recognize the critical role that moms play and therefore each of these services has been designed with the mother in mind.
    Here ARE ALL THE SERVICES THAT WE Offer at WellKids by Healthy Mother