Dr. Vijaya Krishnan

Sanctum Birth Stories – Birth at 42 weeks, helped by Walking, Exercise and Prenatal Yoga

27th October 2015: She had her first baby with us at 42 weeks and 1 day.
Perfectly healthy mom. Confident even then. Did all her walking, exercises and prenatal yoga.
However, just as with many first time Moms, even though her Dopplers are normal at 41 weeks and 3 days, she wants to start natural induction of labor. It will take 3 days of natural induction methods, and 1 day of rest in between. Finally on Day 5, with the final round of natural induction, her body picks up labor and runs. And at 42 weeks and 1 day, she has her first baby boy! Joy!

This pregnancy: All she wants is labor to start on its own! We totally agree!! As we get into Week 36 and 37, she is feeling more pelvic pressure. With that comes a bit of impatience. Can this baby perhaps come a bit early? Patience, Mamma – we say – your babies just need a bit more time to be ready to be born! 😍 Ok, she says – Can i do anything more from my side? Oh yes, we say – Lets start you on Prenatal Aerobics! And, she joins and works hard, and enjoys the classes – 3 times a week – with gusto!

41 weeks and 3 days. Doppler and biophysical profiles as good as ever. We have a chat. Pros and cons of waiting another 3 days before starting natural induction. She decides to wait it out! Brave with the intuitive knowledge that her baby is fine. And comfortable with the trust of a careprovider that she already knows!

42 weeks exact. She is in the room waiting for a non stress test to be run, before natural induction can start. On a hunch, we tell her, come lets get you into a session of prenatal aerobics – it is a #PrenatalZumba class that day – lets us dance, sweat it out, and have fun first. Then we can start the rest of induction, we say.

So she comes into class. Vibrant and cheerful and oh so, energetic, she completes a 1.5 hour super class – yes, at 42 weeks complete. At the end of it, we meditate. We lead the class through a relaxation and a birth visualisation. The class feels peaceful. And so does she.

Lunch is next. Then the very first round of natural induction – her body runs with it! 2 pm, contractions are 15 mins apart. 4 pm, contractions are 5 mins apart. 7 pm, they are 3 mins apart, and she is needing more support. By 8 pm, into the watertub, and by 9 pm, pushing on hands and knees in the tub. However, baby is not moving down as much. One round of being upright, and then on the bed, on hands and knees pushing so strongly. Baby’s hair, then head, is now visible during contractions. But mom is restricting herself. Let go of all your fear Mamma, your body is opening up beautifully for your baby. Your baby is coming! And with that resounding in her ears, she pushes her second baby – a beautiful baby girl – out.. who comes out to meet ecstatic joy of her Mother and happy tears of her Dad πŸ’žπŸ’ž

Born with a bit of vernix still on her body. Born at 42 weeks complete. Born after her Mom rocked a Prenatal aerobics class just a few hours ago. Born after just 6 hours from first contraction to birth – with a birth weight of 3.6 kgs ❣ Girl, you are strong, just like your Mother! Be blessed! πŸ’πŸ’œπŸ’

Deep admiration for this amazing Mamma from the entire Team Sanctum – you are fabulous! 😘😘