The Sanctum®,Natural Birth Center

Our Natural Birth Center, The Sanctum™ is a place where a mother can experience the magical moment of childbirth in an environment which is supportive, and where she can labor in privacy and peace, on her own terms and surrounded by empathetic and knowledgeable caregivers.

At The Sanctum, which is the only birthing center of its kind in India, we fully support the laboring mother 24-hours a day, from the time she enters the Birthing Suite, goes through labor, childbirth, is able to breastfeed her baby, and is able to take care of herself during immediate postpartum. The ambiance at The Sanctum is warm, friendly and home-like. The mother feels at home, knowing that she will not be hurried into agreeing to something she is not ready for or is not required, and that her caregivers have ONLY her and her baby’s interests in mind. During her stay at the The Sanctum™, she is at the center of our universe, her needs are our topmost priority, and her emotional and physical well-being our only concern.

All our care practices are based on the Midwifery Model of Care and Lamaze 6-Care Practices that promote and support Natural Birth and the World Health Organization’s recommendations, focused on facilitating Natural Birth and improving Maternal, Fetal and Newborn Health. Our staff is constantly by the side of the mother during her labor, supporting her emotionally and physically with comfort measures and encouragement, as she manages pain without side-effect causing drugs, and as she feels her body play the central role in Nature’s Simple Plan for Birth. At The Sanctum™, time has no meaning for us as the mother labors – for as long as she and her baby are well, we will help her labor for as long as she wants and is able to.

Only in situations of medical emergency, when mother or baby’s health is at issue, do we take the help of interventions such as induction, or c-sections. Evidence-based research shows that the more mother is allowed to labor, the outcomes are far better, no matter whether she gives birth normally or whether by c-section. Emergency backup infrastructure and medical personnel are available round-the-clock in the same premises, and so the mother and her family are assured that while Natural Birth is our main focus, in times of medical emergency, she and her baby are well taken care of.

At The Sanctum™, our staff are empathetic to the needs of dads and family. Our doctors, labor support specialists, nurses, and center support staff consider mothers and their families as their own, and are passionate about what they do. We involve dads in helping to comfort their wives during labor, and allow them to be present during birth, and witness the life-changing event of the birth their child. We are fully transparent at all times, and dads and family are involved in informed decision making while keeping in mind the best interests of mother and baby.

All of our mothers and their families who have given birth at The Sanctum™, have cherished the birthing experience of their baby. Out of the over 650 births since June 2009, our normal birth rates are nearly 92%. If you are an expecting mother or dad, or know someone who is expecting, we invite you to contact us for an appointment and learn about how we can play our part in facilitating the magical experience of the birth of your child.

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