What does the Midwifery Model of Care tell us?

  • Fetal distress is rare in normal progressing natural births

  • Cord around the neck is seldom a cause for a C-section (1 out of every 3 babies is born with a cord around the neck!)

  • Baby being heavy is seldom a cause for a C-section – planned or unplanned. We had at least 10 babies born this year who weighed in at more than 4 kgs. All of them were born naturally.

  • We never check pelvis shape or engagement of baby into the pelvis or cervical dilation, prior to labor (these things are routine at many hospitals)! And yet, almost all babies were born naturally, despite some of the Mammas having a very compact pelvis. The body that made the baby knows how to bring it out, in the vast majority of cases.

  • Short, tall, heavy/obese, or low weight/petite – mostly of the times, these mammas can give birth naturally!

  • Just going past the Expected Due Date is never a reason for a C-section! Patience is the key!

  • Meconium may cause fetal distress once in a while. However, out of 150 births this year, there was only one baby who needed to come out by C-section due to postdates, meconium and fetal distress! The rest of them, did just fine.

  • Midwives are experts at normal birth! The Midwifery Model of Care is holistic, personalized, evidence-based, Mother-Baby friendly, and improves maternal fetal outcomes.
  • Collaborative Care is worth its weight in gold, in taking care of women with complex needs.

  • Mothers are the true rock stars and heroes! It is deeply satisfying and empowering to the Mother to know that she has powerfully birthed her baby naturally!

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