Meet the Team behind Healthy Mother

Dr. Vijaya Krishnan, Certified Professional Midwife (USA), DPT, LCCE, FACCE

Dr. Vijaya Krishnan is India's foremost practitioner of the Scientific Midwifery Model of Care in pregnancy, new motherhood and beyond. She is a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) from the US, co-founder and Director of Healthy Mother Wellness & Care and the leading official Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE) in India. She has completed her Midwifery education from the US and is the co-founder of Healthy Mother Sanctum®, India's first Natural Birth Center based on Scientific Midwifery Model of Care, with full emergency care inhouse. Dr. Vijaya is the only Indian to be awarded the Certified Professional Midwife certification by the North American Registry of Midwives, the certification body for direct entry midwives.

Dr. Vijaya is a passionate advocate and practitioner of natural birth practices and has helped hundreds of women give birth naturally. At the Healthy Mother Sanctum® Natural Birth Center, Dr. Vijaya and her staff provide individualized, high quality, Midwifery based care to laboring mothers, ensuring a cherished empowering natural childbirth experience for them. She has been a source of trusted support for many mothers who want a VBAC (normal delivery after a previous cesarean). Dr. Vijaya is an expert Breastfeeding Counselor, teaching new mothers correct techniques of breastfeeding their babies, self-care, and newborn care, ensuring smooth transition to new motherhood. Dr. Vijaya has been practicing for 19 years, out of which 14 have been in the USA.

Dr. Vijaya is an expert in Pregnancy Massage and has trained with one of the world's leading Spa Training Institutes in the science of Massage and Reflexology. She has developed a unique Prenatal and Postnatal Massage program for expecting and new mothers that is holistic, scientific and immensely invigorating for them.

Dr. Vijaya has a doctorate in Physical Therapy and Physical Therapy Education with specialization in Womens Health, and conducts pregnancy and wellness programs for mothers-to-be and new moms. Dr. Vijaya has designed the Healthy Mother Lamaze Teaching Skills Workshop, a program to help aspiring Lamaze teachers gain the knowledge and skills to impart childbirth education in the Indian context. Dr. Vijaya is also an Adjunct Faculty in the Perinatal Program of the College of Health Sciences, Douglas College, Vancouver, Canada, the world's foremost institution in perinatal education.

Dr. Vijaya sits on the National Advisory Board of Birth India, a National Advocacy organization. As a midwife, she sees everyday, the miracle of birth and the transformation of a woman to a mother. She believes that through education, advocacy and practice, midwives, policy makers, mothers and their families can bring about positive change in birth practices using the Scientific Midwifery Model of Care

Dr. L. Jayanthi Reddy (M.D., D.N.B., D.G.O, Ob/Gyn)

Dr. Jayanthi Reddy is the proprietor of JJ Hospital in Kalyan Nagar. She has 21 years of clinical experience and has been an Asst. Professor for the past 5 years at Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad. She is currently a senior faculty member at SVS Medical College, Mahboobnagar, Andhra Pradesh. Dr. Jayanthi is an expert in high-risk pregnancies and runs infertility, menopause and adolescent clinics in Hyderabad. Dr. Jayanthi is Healthy Mother's backup Obstetrician and works with our team in the rare occasions where Obstetric intervention may be required

Dr. Udaya Renugunta LCCE

Dr. Udaya joined Healthy Mother when we were a 2 person practice, and quickly endeared herself to us and to our customers with her passion, commitment and personality. She is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and a Physiotherapist with specialization in Childbirth Education. Udaya also gave birth to her son Pranav at the Healthy Mother Sanctum, Natural Birth Center. She has 5 years experience in working in OB/Gyn settings and has conducted prenatal and postnatal counseling sessions for expectant mothers and new moms. Dr. Udaya manages Healthy Mother's WellMom services which include Pregnancy Yoga, Prenatal Massage, Postnatal Wellness including Post Pregnancy Weight Loss, Postnatal Massage and Spa services, Infant Massage Training and Counseling.

Dr. Udaya is a Certified Yoga Instructor and has taught expecting mothers holistic, Prenatal Yoga and Wellness programs.

Kiran Tiru, Midwife

Kiran Tiru is a midwife with 5 years experience in caring for mothers and babies. She has also been a Midwifery Tutor and Clinical Instructor to midwifery students.

She has worked in both semi urban and rural settings, and has helped women birth their babies in Birth Centers, Hospitals and in their homes. Kiran always endears herself with our mothers with her soft but confident assurance that they will be cared for during her pregnancy, labor and birth. Our mothers have always a kind word to say about her dedication and personal care that she gives to each one of them.

Vijayakumari Babu

Vijayakumari Babu is our Senior Nursing Supervisor and Apprentice Midwife. She is an expert Doula and our mothers love her for her ever smiling demeanor, which has lifted the spirits of many a laboring mom when they were tired or fearful. Vijaya is certified in Newborn Resuscitation Skills (NRP). She is proficient in conducting Antenatal Checkups as well as in Postpartum Care for new mothers.

The Housekeeping Team

Our Housekeeping Team comprises of Manjula and Balamani. It will not be incorrect to say that without their unflinching enthusiasm and devotion in the service of expecting mothers and babies, we at Healthy Mother will find it difficult to do our jobs. Manjula carries the responsibility of keeping the Birth Center in a state of preparedness, and ensures mothers and babies are not wanting of any comforts. She and Balamani always have a pleasant word of encouragement for worried mothers or families, and often volunteer to keep them company during times when they feel down in between labor. Our tired midwives and nurses too are well taken care of by Manjula and Balamani, who always remind them to take rest or to take food when there are those long hours of labor. All our mothers simply love the care they get from these two fine women, and so do we.

Rebecca Narayana

Rebecca Narayana is a longtime friend of Healthy Mother, and gave birth to her cute son Nikhil at the Healthy Mother Sanctum, Natural Birth Center. She is a passionate advocate of best practices in Pregnancy, Birth and support for New Mothers, including breastfeeding. She has over 10 years of experience in maternal healthcare within the US and internationally. Previously she has been a volunteer doula within the US, a maternal health volunteer at several hospitals in several states in the US, worked with various healthcare organizations in Kazakhstan as a Peace Corps volunteer, and assisted a short-term medical team in Haiti.

While her career has been in technology, her passion is healthcare and she has pursued additional university level education in healthcare, has been a certified doula, and most recently is working towards her Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator certification. She currently leads the Healthy Mother Breastfeeding Support Network, a peer-to-peer support community that meets in-person and online.

Rittu Nadkar

Ms. Rittu Nadkar is an alumni of the Healthy Mother Certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator Program conducted in association with Douglas College, Vancouver, Canada. She teaches the Healthy Mother Lamaze program for expecting couples in the Ahmedabad region. Ms. Nadkar combines her natural flair and expertise in communication with deep knowledge about safe, healthy, and “mother-baby friendly” birth practices advocated by Lamaze International. Ms. Nadkar is passionate about helping would-be mothers empower themselves with knowledge and means to have a safe pregnancy and natural birth. She is an aspiring Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, and an enthusiastic advocate of gentle birth practices which have evidence based practice.

Dr. Shabari Prabhudesai, B.P.T., Healthy Mother, Pune

Dr. Shabari Prabhudesai is an alumni of the acclaimed Healthy Mother Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator Program conducted in association with Douglas College, Vancouver, Canada. She teaches the Healthy Mother Lamaze Program for expecting couples in Pune. Dr. Shabari has 3 years of experience in providing high quality care and support to expecting and new mothers in various maternity hospitals in Pune. She combines her deep passion and knowledge about safe, healthy, “mother-baby friendly” birth practices advocated by Lamaze International with experience working with mothers. She is passionate about helping would-be mothers empower themselves with knowledge and means to have a safe pregnancy and natural birth. Dr. Shabari also hosts the "WellMom By Healthy Mother" Mom-to-Mom Support Group in Pune.

Krishnan Sakotai, Co-founder & Mentor

Krishnan Sakotai is a co-founder of Healthy Mother. He is also the founder of SuccessBridge Career Solutions, a career training and mentoring company that specializes in helping entry level grads as well as mid-career executives in acquiring the right skills to transform their careers into success. SuccessBridge conducts training in Professional English, Data Analytics for use in Finance, Marketing, CRM, Supply Chain and other industries.

Krishnan has more than 25 years diversified experience in Capital Markets, Sales and Corporate Strategy. He spent 15 years in the US investment industry in various Quantitative Finance roles, with leading firms such as Mellon Asset Management, Putnam Investments and Wellington Management.

After returning to India in 2003, Krishnan joined Zensar Technologies in Pune as the head of its financial services practice. Subsequently, he set up the specialist Knowledge Process Outsourcing business of the Karvy group in Hyderabad. Most recently, Krishnan was the COO of Epitome Global Services, Mumbai, a leading financial services outsourcing firm that works with global hedge funds, funds of hedge funds, and fund administrators.

Krishnan's calling from the world of quantitative finance to helping Healthy Mother be the leading advocate and practitioner of Midwifery-based good maternal and newborn care has been inspired in part by his wife Vijaya's passion and by the absence of respectful, empathetic care for expecting mothers, which is backed by evidence-based practice. He provides strategic guidance to Healthy Mother in the areas of Marketing, Customer Relationship, Quality and New Initiatives. Krishnan conceptualized and leads Healthy Mother's WellMom branded services which offer wellness services for expecting moms and new moms.