Healthy Mother Philosophy

The Healthy Mother philosophy is based on a foundation of Respect, Trust, Partnership, and Passionate Commitment towards offering excellent Woman-centric care.

We believe giving birth is Sacred. It is Empowering…. to the woman, to her husband, to her family, and to her baby! To the Mother, who nourishes her baby through its growth in her womb, bears all discomforts, emotional fears, the pain and tears during childbirth, and finally who brings forth a part of herself, we are in total Respect for her. Our Midwives believe passionately in this sacredness of birth and have deep trust in the mother’s ability to give birth on her own, without being subjected to unnecessary interventions. Our philosophy emphasizes that the mother is the primary care giver to her baby growing inside her and that our Midwives are her Partners in this process. during birth, it is the mother who trusts her instincts and and her baby; and we as her partners encourage her while keeping a watchful eye for her and her baby’s well being.

Our philosophy is also about empowering women who choose the Healthy Mother Midwifery Model of Care to take responsibility for their own health and well-being and for that of their baby. By helping them do so we believe many mothers will discover the power of birth which they will hold close to their heart for their whole lives.


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