Healthy Mother Connect – Personalized Video Counseling

If you are pregnant or if you are a new mom trying to care for your baby, getting information from the internet can be a nightmare. You can not be 100% sure about the correctness of the information dished out from various websites, nor can you be sure about the credibility of the persons putting out this information.

On the other hand, you many not get adequate answers from your doctor during your or your baby’s checkups. Many mothers feel they are not given enough time to ask their questions and even then, come away from their doctor visits feeling as if they have been through a whirlwind. Many of their doubts still remain, and they may feel more apprehensive and stressed than when they went in for the appointment.

Many times, couples are desperate to seek a second opinion from someone who can truly understand their concerns, fears and apprehensions. They want someone who they can talk to just by lifting the phone, one who is knowledgeable, comforting and empathetic to them. The search for such a source of comfort and knowldge is in most cases unsuccessful, leading mothers to rely on friends, relatives or other care providers who, they find are really adding to the confusion.

We at Healthy Mother recognize this situation expecting moms and new moms find themselves in. To that end, we have embarked on a unique initiative to democratize the timely availability of high quality, one-on-one, trustworthy counseling for expecting mothers and new mothers about their pregnancy or new motherhood. Mothers and their husbands will have access to the same level of quality counseling that couple undergo during their checkups at the Healthy Mother Natural Birthing Center, The Sanctum in Hyderabad. The difference being that the counseling will done over Video Conference. This high quality broadband one-to-one Video Counseling affords would-be moms and new moms the ability to ask questions and express their concerns from the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

We offer Video Counseling on the following topics:

– Preconception Counseling for couples who want to start a family

– Pregnancy Diet Counseling for expecting moms

– Exercises during Pregnancy to keep fit and strong

– Preparing for Labor and Delivery – how to empower yourself to try for natural birth

– Myths and Facts about Delivery – how to negotiate with your hospital so that you have more say in your delivery


For new mothers, the following services are available for Online Counseling:

– How to care for your newborn – tips and techniques to manage your transition to a new mom

-Breastfeeding and Infant Care for Working Moms

-Immediate Post-delivery care for the new mom

-Returning to fitness after your delivery

The Healthy Mother Connect sessions are ideal for expecting and new moms who are either located outside of Hyderabad or for those who have their care at other hospital or doctor and want a trusted second source of good advice.

For moms who have toddlers or older children, we offer counseling sessions for normal gynecological problems. These cover general women’s health issues as well as advice on diet, exercise, and general wellness which is so essential because women are the center of the family universe.

If you have a specific issue you want to discuss, we can also customize a counseling session that addresses your specific needs. Typically, these sessions are charged by individual sessions. We can also create a custom “package” for online counseling so that you always have a trusted adviser and a source of validation of your care throughout your pregnancy (for would-be moms) or for as long as you need for caring for your newborn (for new moms).

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