February Mom2Mom Meet – Postnatal Exercises for Abs Training & Weight Loss

Our next Mom2Mom Meet focuses on the most frequent question New Mothers have - "How to get my body and tummy back to pre-pregnancy stage?"

Details about this meet

The most common question that new mothers ask us is: "How do I get my tummy and body back to my pre-pregnancy stage or even better than it was?"

What most women go through and endure during pregnancy and childbirth is similar to what super athletes go through during their intense training exercises. A pregnant women experiences almost 50% higher blood volume which is required to supply increased oxygen uptake to grow your baby inside you. That alone is stuff that athletes are made of!

Combined with that, if you take into account the hard work and energy expended during labor and birth, women become "super-heroes" during the birth process. New mothers are extraordinarily strong inside and are well equipped to regain shape and strength after childbirth.

The Mom2Mom Meet of February 20th will focus on gentle corrective exercise program new moms can follow, which will heal their bodies from the inside and build strength, stability and endurance. During the meet, we will introduce our easy to follow "Postnatal Conditioning and Weight Loss Exercise Circuit" conducted at the WellMom Lounge, thrice a week, resulting in weight loss, accompanied by well toned and flat abdomen, strengthened thighs and hip muscles, and increased endurance to lead an active "New Mom" life as well as to pursue your individual aspirations and goals.

Venue: WellMom Lounge, Kondapur

Time: 4 to 5pm

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Workout with Fun

The Mom2Mom meet will be facilitated by Healthy Mother experts led by Dr. Vijaya Krishnan and Dr. Udaya Laxmi

Register for this Mom2Mom Meet
Fee: Rs. 300 at venue

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