Birth Statistics for 2015: How Healthy Mother’s Collaborative Model Provides Optimal MotherBaby Care

birth statisticsWhat does gentle MotherBaby Centric Collaborative Model of Care look like at Healthy Mother?

While birth stories, advocacy, knowledge sharing and testimonials are all important in helping mothers-to-be and fathers-to-be understand the immense beauty and safety of physiologic, natural birth, it is equally important to put out birth statistics.

The birth statistics are derived from all the births that took place between January 1 2015 to Dec 31 2015.

Birth Statistics at Healthy Mother Sanctum (Jan 1, 2015 to Dec 31, 2015)

~ 104 babies were born

~ 92% were normal deliveries

~ 100% Breastfeeding Rates were accomplished

~ 2 Breech babies born naturally.

~ 4 mothers with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH)

Good Collaborative Care with co-management with our team of doctors and backup ObGyns meant that, all except 1 mother with PIH gave birth naturally!

~ 1 mother with Gestational Diabetes (GDM).

~ One Baby with IUGR (Intra Uterine Growth Restriction) and Low fluid levels was also helped to be born vaginally, again with excellent Collaborative Care.

Data about the 7 C-sections

  • One mother with uncontrolled PIH
  • One with true Placenta Previa
  • One growth restricted baby
  • One First Time Mamma with Very Low fluid and a Breech baby
  • 1 maternal request
  • Only 1 baby needed to be born by C-section due to meconium and fetal distress
  • Only 1 baby needed to be born by C-section due to prolonged labor and arrest of descent.

Data about Vaginal Births After Previous C-section (VBAC)

  • 24 women tried for a VBAC
  • 22 of them successfully completed their VBACs!

VBAC success rate for 2015: 91.66%

  • 0 scar related issues
  • 1 repeat C-section was due to cervix not dilating despite enormous trial of labor
  • 1 repeat C-section was due to maternal/family request
  • 2 women tried for Vaginal Birth After 2 Previous C-sections (VBA2C) – Both of these strong mothers successfully completed their VBA2C births!

What do these numbers tell us?

  • Birth is inherently safe.
  • Interventions are sometimes needed, especially if there are higher risk cases. In these cases, good Collaborative Model of Care such as the one pioneered by Healthy Mother, with Primary Midwifery Care and the 24X7 availability of OB-Gyns and team of Doctors allows for most Moms to labor safely and birth normally in many instances
  • In the rare instance that a Cesarean is required, 24X7 in house facilities for surgery, and a excellent team of Ob-Gyns, Anesthetists and Pediatricians allow for excellent chances of optimal outcomes for MotherBaby. Therefore mother has the Best of all Worlds !

If you noticed the above statistics, only one baby needed to come out via C-section for “fetal distress”. Then, one has to wonder – Why are so many babies born by C-section in routine hospitals in India for ‘fetal distress’ and ‘meconium’? Only 1 baby needed to be born by C-section due to inability to descent into the Birth Canal, despite hours of pushing. Then, why one wonders, is Cesarean commonly done for “failure of labor to progress” in routine hospital care?

So the Question arises, What is missing in conventional hospital-based “maternity care” in India?

Quite a few things, we would venture to say:
1) Lack of transparency
2) Lack of parental education in the antenatal period, and true informed consent/informed refusal
3) Lack of Trust in the Birth Process and thereby, not waiting till labor starts on its own.
4) Unchecked inductions, augmentations and other interventions – These in turn increase the chances of baby being stressed – and therefore increasing the chances of fetal distress (with or without meconium)
5) Admissions to hospital in very early labor, and hardly any one-to-one labor support. In the atmosphere of fear and apprehension – of course labor stalls out!
6) Convenience – Much easier to schedule C-sections! Natural births take time!
7) Lack of Scientific Midwifery Model of Care with Independent Midwives as the Primary Care-Providers. Midwives Save Lives. But, Midwives are Also Experts in Natural Birth and know how to support, monitor and encourage women to birth naturally!

As we write this year’s “Birth Statistics for 2015 at Healthy Mother” review, we are constantly amazed by the strength and conviction of the mothers who come to us for care. We are humbled by the incredible support that we get from families in our community – A big shout out to you All – You are the real pioneers in choosing Midwifery Care during this sensitive and sacred time of the birth of your baby. We are full of gratitude for our amazing team of Midwives and Nurses and Housekeeping staff, who keep the faith in the birth process, and who go above and beyond any call of duty to ensure that every Mom, every Baby and every Family gets the best possible care when they come to us. We are also incredibly indebted to our team of back up professionals – From our main partner ObGyn, to all other consultant Obs, to the entire medical team – these statistics are as much yours. Without your 24X7 availability, we would not be able to effectively support women and families the way that we do! So a big Thank you to you too!